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Greetings LCMC Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Hello, my name is Jonathan Davis, the father of four boys and married to my beautiful wife of 43 years, Georgiann. We reside in the lovely town of Rathdrum, ID and attend Peace Lutheran Church of Post Falls ID. Let me begin by saying what an honor it is to serve alongside of you as your new president of the Northwest District. I’m excited for all the plans God has for our congregations over the next year.

A heartfelt thank you to Faith Lutheran Church for hosting the gathering and all the volunteers that help put together a most memorable event. Personally, I’ve never have felt more welcome, THANKS AGAIN for all the hard work. A special Thank You to Pr. Ken Waag for letting us all invade his church.

We started of the gathering with an informative meeting with Julie Smith, our LCMC Coordinator, for Districts. Discussing all aspects of our council and processes that should be changed over the next year. We found that we need to revisit our by-laws and resolutions and update them. So, in the next year we will be looking into all the needs of our congregation and making the changes that need to be updated, while keeping you all informed of these changes along the way. The council would like to thank Julie for her great incite and help in these matters.

Then the gathering kicked off on the 13th with a star-studded line up of Pr. Mark Vander Tuig. Pastor Mark had a great message that made us all laugh and cry.  The council and congregations would like to thank Pr. Mark for his great message and his time that he spent with us.

Next up was Pr. David Breidenbach, Executive Director of Spiritual Orphans Network, who gave insight into the happening in Ukraine along with a powerful message that struck the hearts of the Northwest District to donate to SON. Thank you, Pr. David, for your inspiration.

Pr. Julie Smith was a great inspiration to our District and congregation with her incite, wisdom, and overall blessing to our congregation and district. Our Lord has placed her in the right position to help us succeed. THANK YOU, Pr. Julie, for your commitment to the Northwest District.

Jim McCormick, Great Falls Rescue Mission, gave us a great look into the work that the mission is doing for the Great Falls area and his commitment to make life better for all of God’s children. Thank you, Pastor Jim, for your commitment. The youth group also was there to serve the meal one evening.

Thank You to the Northwest District Gathering committee for an Awesome gathering filled with friends and great speakers. Look forward to seeing everyone next year at Lutherhaven.

As your President I can’t reiterate enough the importance of communication and staying connected to one another. Please contact me if you have any question or concerns. It’s my honor to serve as your President of the Northwest LCMC District Council and I look forward to meeting you all over the next year. Now as Jesus commanded his disciples, LET US GO into all nations, sharing the name of Jesus to whom we all encounter!

Blessing and Peace to all my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Jonathan Davis, LCMC NW District President