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Family Promise

Come join us to catch the Family Promise vision as we spend a few weeks digging into the core of this ministry and how Peace Lutheran can play a part. Videos, testimonials, one on one conversations, and opportunities to become involved all lie in the weeks ahead. A question box will be in the foyer if you have anything that you would like addressed during the sharing time in the church services. What is Family Promise? Does North Idaho really have homeless families? Why are these families homeless? How can I help? They are all great questions to embrace as we discover together what our role is to be this next year in providing shelter, food and friendship to children and their parent(s).

Uganda Medical Mission

In April, the church council approved sending $10,000 of the funds in our PLC medical mission fund ahead to our Ugandan counterparts so that they may continue to address illness and injuries in our absence. Communication was sent to the medical director, Sylvia Subo, who was overwhelmed with gratitude. Just that week before they encountered a serious case that they were unable to help due to lack of funds. They were praying. God used Peace Lutheran to answer. Now they can take this young girl to get the medical attention she desperately needs. Meet 10-year-old Merita. It is yet unknown what is causing the face disfiguration, and abscess or tumor are possibilities. Please consider praying for Merita’s spiritual and physical health as nurse Susan takes her for assessment. We will share updates as we receive them. Thank you for your generosity as we watch God work through hurt and suffering. – Maren Snyders