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Grace and Peace to you through Jesus Christ our Lord!

I’m writing to inform you of a potential and eventual change in the keyboard instrument department. As you know, Bernita Carlson and I are currently playing for church services on a gorgeous sounding grand piano that has been generously loaned to us by Dr. Bryan and Maren Snyders for an indefinite time.  And… we have a “not so gorgeous” organ, which sounds very good when Bernita plays it with the piano but is not really meant to be big enough for a church setting. When we first organized Peace Lutheran, we were gifted this organ by a private party who wanted it out of his home – very generous of him, indeed, and we have used it thankfully every Sunday (almost) since.

Last month, we realized (thanks to Lynn’s knowledge of “what is what” financially at Peace Lutheran) that Fred Mitchell’s memorial fund is enough to purchase a wonderful clavinova keyboard that would replace this organ with a number of gorgeous organ sounds. Fred Mitchell was involved with the choir and sometimes played for the services when Peace Lutheran was first in existence and meeting in the Iva Lee Dance Hall.  He donated the piano that is in the fellowship hall when he and his wife, Nathalie, moved to a retirement complex. All this to say, he was very supportive of the church music program, so this memorial would be a very appropriate memorial in his honor. Ed Mitchell, their son, is overjoyed at the prospect!

Our church council discussed this use of the memorial last month and was highly in favor of it. Thank you to the members of Church Council!

For quite some time, I’ve had on my “wish list” a musical instrument (keyboard clavinova) that would be versatile enough to do several things that our current organ cannot do:

  1. It would have different organ sounds, including a grand pipe organ for hymns and special occasions. Bernita would still play the hymns on the clavinova along with me on the piano, using a beautiful organ sound.
  2. It would have a transposing feature, which would allow us to play hymns in a lower key, making our singing more comfortable.
  3. It would be capable of more contemporary sounds like electric piano, trumpet, percussion or orchestral, which would be good for our Praise Team songs.
  4. It would be more “move-able” in case we would need to move it for an outside service, or to the fellowship hall for an occasion.
  5. It would be plugged in to the sound system for better sound for recorded services.
  6. It would be easier to use for choir practices, where I am behind the instrument directing the choir.  The clavinova is shorter than either the piano or the organ, so I would be more visible and closer to the choir members.


We are currently working with Northwest Academy of Music to purchase this clavinova. Their shipments are delayed so this purchase will take place in late 2022.  Here’s a link to show you the instrument under consideration:



I hope this information has been helpful, so you are “in the know” regarding what is happening with music ministry. If you have questions or comments, please contact me anytime!




Ruth Clark, Music Minister