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The work of the Strategic Planning Team is coming to a close. They have worked since last Spring with Bob Baker from Lutherhaven Bible Camp. Throughout the process we have shared our progress with the congregation in Sunday morning fellowship following each Team meeting as well as in the newsletter each month. We will be passing along our work to the Council who will share the details as well as beginning to implement the specific strategies. In summary here are the results: 

  • Identify PLCs core Values (who we ARE):

God’s Word. God’s Love. God’s Call. God’s People. 

  • Create a new mission statement (what we DO):

Joyfully Sharing Gods Word and the Peace of Jesus Christ. 

  • Cast a vision statement (the impact we want to have):

Enriching lives across the Prairie Corridor with Gods Word and the Peace of Jesus Christ. 

  • Identify key strategies and action steps to move PLC into the next decade.

These are strategies and steps which range from 90 days – 10 years for development and implementation. From bringing on an intern (Karen), a new website, developing a master ministry and site plan, to creating a path of discipleship and considering the possibilities of a Christian school and facility expansion. The strategies and steps are alive, a living document, intended to be flexible and ultimately submitted to God’s direction moving ahead, while giving us a focus and direction toward which to proceed. 

More details of the Team’s work will be available in the December Newsletter. For now, a huge thanks to the Team for their work over these past 8 months. Their prayers, their time, their love of Christ and this congregation are much appreciated. Strategic Team members are Jim Helgeson, Tanya Frey, Karen Robison, Tom Carlson, Roger Stoffers, Marge Freligh, Colby Kingsbury, and Pastor Jon.

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.

Proverbs 16:9