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Speak It, Live It, Share It

2021 LCMC Annual Gathering

What an experience!  I felt God’s presence no matter where I was during this trip.

We started the gathering Sunday night with worship and worshiped together each morning. The music and songs were so beautiful and to hear all the people sing together as one choir was truly something I will not soon forget.

Each scheduled speaker spoke words that God knew we needed to hear relating to the theme of the gathering. The breakout sessions I attended were full of scripture-based principles that can be used for my life and for Peace Lutheran Church.

I met some great people during networking time, vendor time, breakfasts and lunches, and my walks to and from the hotel to the church. I learned more about our LCMC association, Mike Bradley (Service Coordinator), the LCMC staff and the Board of Trustees.

As a delegate, I participated in the very short business meeting and electing Pastor Jon as a Trustee on the LCMC Board for Area 2 for the next two years.  A special moment as all of us in that room prayed over Pastor Jon.

Thank you so much for sending us! – Mary Cockerham, Delegate

Below are notes from the three breakout sessions I attended:

Breakout Session 1

Servant evangelism in the community; speaker Andrew Potratz and his wife Allison.

Andrew is pastor of Immanuel Lutheran in Story City, Iowa. His wife is in her final year of seminary at the Master’s Institute.

Andrew spoke on considering the role and benefits of servant evangelism in our communities. Andrew and Allison shared their own experience in their community. He also asked others in the room to share some of the ways they and their congregations carry out servant evangelism in their communities. Great stories and ideas!

Andrew reminded me that the King of the Kingdom doesn’t stay in the palace, and neither should we. Jesus’ Kingdom is not just about individual salvation. Being a servant is modeling how Jesus served. Servant evangelism is a long-term approach, not a one and done approach.

Question to answer:  who is my community and what is their need?

Breakout Session 2

God’s law and gospel at work in our lives; speaker Julie Smith

Julie is the pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Springfield, MN and has been Dean of Students at St Paul Lutheran Seminary. She joined the staff of LCMC as Coordinator for Districts and Fellowship in the spring of 2021.

Julie used Mark 10:2-16 to define what the law is and does and what the gospel is and does. Through His word we see God’s presence at work in today’s issues that we struggle with and cause so much pain and unrest, dividing us from one another and God. This word of law and gospel is the Word that brings hope out of despair, light out of darkness, life out of death!

Breakout Session 3

Luther: A missional lifestyle; speaker Brandon Foster

Brandon is the pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Columbus, NE

Brandon challenged us to look at evangelism and discipleship through the lens of Luther’s life. The following quote from Martin Luther began the presentation, “Scripture certainly does not contain words that are merely to be read, as they think but it is full of words to be lived that are put down there, not to speculate and philosophize about, but to turn into life and action.”

Lutherans share the good news of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection with all people. Open access to God through Jesus Christ is for all people. The following questions were discussed and answered with great ideas and suggestions.

How can we help our congregations read God’s word regularly?

How can we help our congregations protect and empower women?

How can we help our congregations protect and empower children?

How can we help our congregations open our homes and get around tables?


Dear Peace Congregation,

It was a pleasure to represent Peace Lutheran at the LCMC Gathering in October!! What a wonderful experience to worship and learn in this setting. All of the keynote speakers were inspiring and brought their own unique perspective to the table. I was so encouraged and impressed with the quality of people presenting, on the board of trustees, and organizing the event. We are in very good hands with the LCMC leadership! I have much hope for the future of the larger body of LCMC as I see both younger, and mature people of great faith passionate about the Lord and committed to sharing the Gospel.

Our own Pastor Jon is very well respected, and I am honored to say we have been blessed with such a solid leader who is also a bit of a rock star. 😉

Thank you for allowing me to spend time with Mary, Karen, and Pastor Jon for these few days. I really can’t think of any way our time together, or this conference could have been more of a ‘home run.’

We have much to share with all of you in the weeks and months ahead.

To God be the glory!

Shelly Matthews, Delegate


Takeaways from the Annual LCMC Gathering:

The theme of the Annual LCMC Gathering this year was “Speak It, Live It, Share it.” However, before one can do any such action, “it” must be defined. What are we speaking? Living? Sharing? The Gospel! “But God demonstrated His own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). Hearing this message anew was one of my biggest takeaways from this gathering. The second was being a part of a large (445 people!) group who are so clearly devoted to this saving message. Who came together to speak it and live it. Then, edifying, equipping, and encouraging one another to share it, so that together we may be a people who, with grace and truth, reflect this Gospel message to the world.

Everyone is someone for whom Jesus died. We, as His Church, are the people in whom Christ dwells (Galatians 2:20). We are to feed His sheep (John 21:15-17) and to do the things that He instructed us to do: fellowship, prayer, breaking bread, studying the Word (Acts 2:42). We are to strive to see the world as He does, hear others with His compassionate ear and to be made new through Him. The world needs the Gospel, especially now.  Our community needs salt and light and He has called us to be exactly that. While we are all sinners, God’s plan was always to use us to speak the Gospel. Let us together never cease speaking it, living it, and sharing it, yet not I but through Christ in me.

Karen Robison, Intern