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Thank you for recent gifts toward fellowship supplies – we needed them! Now that we’re visiting again, if you would like to donate coffee, case of bottled water, paper towels, napkins, tissues, 13-gal trashcan liners, ziplock sandwich size bags, refill size hand sanitizer, etc. we will gladly provide a GIK receipt for your tax purposes – thank you so much!

Thank you to Ken & Bernita Carlson for their hospitality in hosting our youth group with Pastor Jon for a Lake Life celebration event full of fun and laughter. What a great end-of-summer day!

Our wonderful caretaker, Lisa McLuskie, will be away for the Sep 18 cleaning duties. Is there a volunteer that would like to take on this important task? Call the church office for details!

Food Bank: Schoonmakers are having a bonanza garden this year and contributed another 21 lbs of zucchini and cucumbers to the PF food bank. Joyce Beghtel took 27 lbs to the CDA food bank in August. Thank you!


PLC Quick Calendar & Events

Mon: Staff Meeting,10 am; Men’s Group, 6 pm                Tue: Chorale CDA, 5-9 pm; Various meetings

Wed: Bible Study, 10 am; Youth Group, 4 pm                  Thu: TOPS, 8-10 am; Bible Study, 11 am

Aug 29: Heritage Service, 8:30 am | 10 am service

Sep 1: Fellowship Team meeting, 11 am – You’re invited!; Sep 3: Church Office Closed

Sep 5: Backpack Blessing Sunday for students of all ages

Sep 6: Church Office Closed for Labor Day

Sep 7: Chorale CDA begins Tue rehearsals, 5-9 pm (hopefully)

Sep 9: Thu Bible Study resumes at 11 am – Sign-in sheet in the fellowship hall!

Sep 15: Alpha Youth Group begins with Pastor Jon, 4 pm!

Sep 16: Strategic Planning Team meeting, 6 pm

Sep 19-25: Family Promise Hosting Week (hopefully)

Sep 23: Ecumenical Food Kitchen – we’re serving!

Planning to meet at the church? Please call the church office first to set a time and date so we may avoid conflicts!