Time for Fellowship!

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For now, fellowship time after worship is a more self-directed gathering. For those that would like to visit, please feel free to meet in the fellowship hall together after service. Instructions how to use the Bunn coffee pot are provided, and you are welcome to bring individually wrapped treats to share. You would also be responsible for cleanup, sanitizing and getting the trash out, no different than all the regular fellowship duties in the past.

Pastor Jon wants to throw out this imperative idea – that we work toward a reopening of fellowship time with Easter Sunday as the kickoff date. With covid numbers dramatically down in our area, and many getting vaccinated this may be the right time to consider visiting again. There would be no formal schedule like before. Instead, there will be a sign-in sheet made available on the table in the hall for those that would be willing to serve in April and May. We’re taking baby steps toward this reunion, and Easter seems like the perfect time to reunite. Many of you have expressed that you are ready to visit with church friends again and want to reach out to our new members. Rightly so! How about it PLC? And maybe an egg hunt for the kids on Easter Sunday too?

It’s time to get back on that horse!!