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Family Promise Week: March 14-20!

We are happy to announce that Peace will be serving Family Promise guests again in March and May. Maren Snyders provided us with an update after personally meeting with the Family Promise organization. Things will continue as they did in 2020 due to the covid situation. Families are still being housed in hotels, specifically the Fairbridge & Comfort Inns on Appleway, CDA. Family Promise is working on securing another grant through June to house homeless families.

As before, we’ll be providing groceries for the week and a nightly meal but in a different way. Because our families don’t have food storage or cooking capability, here’s a new idea! We have been using a Valentine box for a free will “love” offering each Sunday for our week of March 14-20. You’ll find a nicely decorated box by Mary Cockerham sitting on the bench in our entryway! Our FP team at Peace felt gift cards to Uber Eats or a nearby restaurant would be a good way to feed our families during our week. Due to less PLC volunteers and internal leaders, lower attendance on Sunday, and not hosting the families at our church, we felt this would be an alternative solution to take care of our FP families. Thank you for recent donations leading up to our week (cash or checks to PLC with a Family Promise memo). March 7 is the deadline for gifts!