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Did you know that Peace has six ministry teams? They are:

Youth & Education

Fellowship & Hospitality

Property & Maintenance


Mission & Vision

Worship & Music

Each Council member serves as a liaison to one or two ministry teams! What are you passionate about? How can you become involved here at Peace by serving alongside with others on a team? Each team encompasses many areas of interest. You can find out more by contacting any council member or the church office. Let’s build some great teams together in 2021!


Refresh Team: Mary Cockerham, Lee Ely, Suzie English, and JoAnn Solberg

Everyone that has seen the new rockface in person or even on video has remarked on its beauty. The LED lights behind the cross are also a wonderful accent and can be color changed depending on the liturgical season. The addition of the mantle is a lovely finishing touch – thank you Karle Nimke! The plan is to stain and seal it to match the cross that Brian Snyders so loving made a few years ago. Thanks go to the entire Refresh Team for their work!


Fellowship Team: Thank you to our wonderful fellowship team for providing extra special gift bags for our new members on Sunday Jan 31. As you read in their annual report, they can’t wait to get back at fellowship events. We hope they don’t have to wait long because we certainly miss our fun gatherings!


Counters: We need them! Due to all sorts of various circumstances, we could use more volunteers to count the Sunday offering. What does this entail you ask? Simply this. A relaxed and easy learning session with our Financial Secretary, Amy Birge, and continuing follow up if needed. You are also not alone but paired up with another counter for accounting integrity. You count cash, tally checks, write it on a form, fill out a deposit slip and drop the deposit in a box at US Bank on Sunday. It requires confidentiality. This task takes about 30 minutes after worship. Never fear – we won’t go away, set the alarm, and lock you in the building! How about giving it a go?


Altar Guild: One area of the Altar Guild is the preparation of communion before worship, and the baking of our wondrous communion bread from a recipe we provide. Thanks go to Paul Seher for its perfection and tweaking of a 400 yr old recipe for modern standards/ovens! You need only arrive 30 prior to church to setup the wine trays and the bread for self-service. Clean up after service goes quickly. You would serve with one other person (again, you are not alone) for one month. Please call us if the Spirit moves!