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is there more to life than this?

who is Jesus?

why did Jesus die?

how can we have faith?

why and how do i pray?

why and how should i read the Bible?

how does God guide us?

who is the Holy Spirit?

how can i resist evil?

why and how should i tell others?

does God heal today?

what about the church?

how can i make the most of

the rest of my life?


How would you like to learn how

we can provide a non-threatening

place where you can invite your not-yet-believing family, friends, and neighbors to explore these and many other important questions?

Alpha is that place. Alpha inspires and equips believers while creating interactive sessions where we can gather together to share a meal, listen, and discuss life, faith, and Jesus with those who do not yet know Him.

If you are willing to join me in creating Alpha here at Peace, contact me!

Pastor Jon

jon@peace-lutheran.com     (208) 765-0727