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Dec Gifts: Karle Nimke continued to build and finished a reinforced wall in preparation for the rockface installation. Everyone knows, as they say in the construction biz, “That wall ain’t going anywhere!” The team of Mitches came in next mid-Dec and with precision and care, installed the incredibly beautiful rockface we are now enjoying. This major project wraps up the final effort of the Refresh Team except for a few odds and ends. Thanks to Lee Ely for the installation of lights behind the cross that are able to be white or any color choice. Thanks to all for sharing special musical talent at Christmas Eve!    

Please join us in the sanctuary or the fellowship hall for worship as you are comfortable. We’re broadcasting to our parking lot (front row) on 88.5 FM, and also providing a video of the service uploaded by Sunday afternoon online at:

Reminder: We are still missing some critical Annual Reports If you led a special project/event, mission or are a ministry liaison (council member), please email your report soon in a Word doc to the church office at

Joyce Beghtel delivered 25 lbs in donations to CDA in Dec. Please check expiration dates on donations. Personal care items and pet food are always also very welcome.

We are looking for a volunteer that would be willing to drop off our alternating monthly donations to the Post Falls Food Bank beginning in Jan. It’s easy and you don’t have to go each week. Contact the office for details!

Heartful thanks go to our Dorcas quilters that provided an extra Christmas touch to our homebound. Pat & Caren Woods loved their quilt. Lee Wood was so surprised and thinks her quilt is so beautiful that she’ll hang it on the wall! Dot Herting was thrilled. She says it’s just right, she needed one, it’s the perfect size and also her favorite color. Joan Schroeder said her quilt reminds her of her quilting time together at Dorcas. Ken & Delores Johnston would like to hug each quilter to thank them for using their talents and time to make someone warm and happy.


PLC Quick Calendar

The staff meets each Mon at 10 am; Music rehearsal is every Wed at 6 pm

Dec 25-Jan 1: Church Office closed

Jan 2: Paint Day, 2-5 pm

Jan 5-7: Three Days of Prayer

Jan 11: Staff Planning Day

Jan 16: Darrel Carlson Memorial, 10 am

Jan 31: Annual Meeting, 11:15 am

Extra copies of the January newsletter are available in the wall rack.

PLC Contact Directories are also available there and updated – please grab a new one!

The new devotionals are out on the table in the fellowship hall.