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Refresh Team: Mary Cockerham, Lee Ely, Suzie English, and JoAnn Solberg

We can’t say thanks enough for the incredible building of the support structure, new wall behind the cross, and installation of lath by Karle Nimke in prep for the sanctuary rockface. Mitch Magnus and fellow mason, Mitch “(Sig”), came in mid-Dec and worked a week of full days mudding, cutting, and fitting to perfection beautiful rockface that we are now all enjoying. After this work was completed in four days, Lee Ely installed back lighting behind the cross. I’m sure you’ll agree the light color choice and enhancement is beyond expectation! A round of applause please!!!


Playground Update!  

Brett Kirking, Ken Birge, and Shelly Mathews ask each congregational member to please give the Playground for Peace some consideration. We will be asking for congregational approval at the Annual Meeting on January 31. Why do we need a playground?? In one word—GROWTH!! We believe a playground is the next step to growing our family  membership. More families were one of the highest priorities identified when we held a congregational survey before calling a new pastor in 2019. A great example of family potential was the enrolling of 55 children for Vacation Bible School. GREAT JOB!! In addition to a playground, and in the future, a hard slab for youth activities, and outdoor fellowship gathering space may someday be considered. Please contact any of us with your questions. God bless and thank you!

Ken Birge, Playground Team


Fellowship Team: We look forward to the day when we can enjoy an organized fellowship time again following worship. In the meantime, please consider sharing your talent by volunteering for creator/coordinator of the future fellowship list. Please let Margret Nagel know that you are eager to fill this need – thanks!