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We’ve all been impacted… the cancellations, the isolation, the changes and uncertainty. We’ve all had to figure out new ways to do life – to connect, to find peace, to remain faith and hope-filled.

For 75 years, Lutherhaven Ministries has adapted to changing times to remain vital and vibrant. 2020 reinforced our core mission: To give families spaces for respite and joy, with opportunities to encounter CREATION, create COMMUNITY, and commune with CHRIST!

This past summer, even with traditional kids’ camps canceled, hundreds of families enjoyed the sacred spaces of Lutherhaven in safe, socially distanced ways. Your camps pivoted and remained vital and vibrant – reducing expenses, adapting programming, and making decisions to assure a thriving Christ-centered outdoor ministry on the other side of Covid-19. Operating on just 16% of normal earned income, it’s been your generosity, and God’s grace, that’s set us up to shine in 2021. Please, if you haven’t done so already,  consider a year-end gift to help sustain the Sacred Spaces of Lutherhaven Ministries. Thanks to Daniel Baker, for your awesome videography! Click here:

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