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Security Team News

The security team held its quarterly team meeting on 10/20/20. Seven members were in attendance. Pastor Jon spoke briefly from John 8 about, “The Truth Shall Set You Free,“ and then opened with a prayer.

Rick spoke about his attendance at the church council meeting where he spoke about the roles and responsibilities of the team members as well as the draft rules and regulations to eventually be included in the church by-laws. He also requested that the council consider a budget line being opened for the team. Items that could be considered would include surveillance cameras, upgrade to the first aid kit as well as stop the bleeding training.

The team discussed potential scenarios the duty safety members may experience. It was decided that such a discussion would be beneficial at each meeting. Rod went over the upcoming schedule and requested volunteers for open slots. With the current list of volunteers, members may be expected to catch the “duty” monthly. We will try to get the word out to the congregation to seek additional volunteers.

Team training requirements were discussed. We will continue to require that members have a Conceal Carry permit. A couple of members currently do not. The church will provide financial assistance toward that training. We will also emphasize that team members periodically practice at a gun range. Dave had previously offered his property for such practice.

Pastor Jon showed a copy of the church exit map he created. It will be displayed on the screens prior to service.

Rick Straub, Security Team

Refresh Team: Mary Cockerham, Lee Ely, Suzie English, and JoAnn Solberg

Team members continue to meet together at various times to wind up some loose ends and complete tasks. The focus lately has been the purchase of new lighting for the entryway. It is going to be beautiful, closely match the sanctuary style lighting, and provide much improved up-lighting than the current fixtures we’ve had since we moved in reducing glare. The final big project, installation of rockface behind the cross, is in progress. Karle Nimke has volunteered to provide the labor saving the church significant cost.

Pastor Gail has been busy sorting through our library and adult study room books and made impressive progress. Books on the table are up for grabs for you, friends, family members or to donate. Get them soon before they’re gone! A new library will be created in the Adult Study room in the fellowship hall.

Fellowship Team

We are grateful to our fellowship team who has tried to hold things together during these long months of the covid challenge! The team is looking for a new fellowship list scheduler for 2021 – many thanks to Becky Ellefloot who coordinated this for us the last few years. If you would like to volunteer for this new opportunity, please let Margret Nagel or the church office know. The task is a straightforward one with minimal time requirement. For instance, Becky created the whole year in one sitting – one and done! Or others have provided it on a quarterly basis. Church staff can let you know who currently is willing to serve fellowship after worship.

Family Promise

Thanks to all for donating and delivering food or gift cards to support a family in our care during the final hosting week in Oct. Yes, it has been more challenging due to the virus situation this year, but we were grateful to serve our guests. Our PLC Family Promise team will be meeting with the Family Promise organization soon to coordinate next year.

Fall Cleanup Day

Razzle dazzle! That’s what our P&M Team continues to do in their effort to maintain our church building and grounds. Kudos to all those that mowed during the season, weed whacked, fixed sprinklers and drip lines, planted new landscaping, trimmed bushes, pruned trees, installed snow markers and fencing, and a myriad of other tasks that sometimes go unseen.