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Dear Friends, 

All of us at your camps pray you, your family, your friends, and your community are safe, healthy, and hope-filled this season of re-formation and remembrance.

Thank you for being such a vital part of the Lutherhaven community! I cannot say this enough: I truly, highly value your commitment and comments, questions and concerns, idea sharing, storytelling, trust, partnership.

One thing’s for sure—summer camp 2020 at Lutherhaven looked different than camp has ever before. 82% of summer camps nationwide either closed completely or pivoted, like we did, away for the summer from traditional youth camp to alternative programming for families and groups.

October is the time at your camps when we really begin to prepare and plan for next summer…and that’s just what we’re doing. We know the pandemic that has so defined us all these last 7 months shall pass, but we also know still, for a time, COVID will change how we move forward.Take this fall at Lutherhaven, for instance: definitely different. Yes, we’re open, and yes, we’re busy hosting guests and groups. Between September and December, we’ll host around 675 “campers” of all ages, from families to school kids to quilter ladies to sports teams. Compare that to 2019’s numbers, when 3,755 guests walked our paths—an 82% drop in campers. Last fall camp and retreat fees brought in nearly $235,000, to sail us through the lean months of winter. This fall that’s less than $40,000, 16% of “normal.”

(All that to say, again, thank you for your financial partnership. God is truly using you to see us through 2020)

Staff is hard at work to bridge Lutherhaven to next summer and beyond, to the day we return to everything Lutherhaven is about: getting campers of every age unplugged and outdoors; into meaningful relationships; leaving forever, life-changing tracks of Christian faith on the lives of thousands of young people, for generations to come.

Here are some of the ways we are doing that:

Expanding our decision-making process. What will “camp success” mean for Lutherhaven in 2021? What opportunities are there to expand our definition of success? I’d love your ideas!

Growing our community. Lutherhaven is built on 75 years of community. We’re working hard to maintain that, to sustain relationships, to nurture new connections as vital to our planning. Every camper, parent/guardian, staff member, volunteer, and donor is vital to us. Help us to not take anyone for granted as we move toward 2021.

Ensuring collaboration — We know we are not alone. The Lutherhaven community excels in togetherness, idea sharing, and partnership. Don’t hesitate to contact me when some clever scheme comes to mind.

Prioritizing financial planning and sustainability — We’re working and re-working the numbers to assess and re-assess our financial picture, to develop options to sustain Lutherhaven Ministries financially through summer 2021 and beyond. You are our kingpin here.

Remembering the power of camp — Lutherhaven plays such an important role in the emotional and physical development of kids of every age. People are our mission, and we’re convinced people need us now more than ever. Words to remember when days get dark!

Expanding our communication and marketing — Lutherhaven’s best foot forward is our mission. Always.  Encounter creation…create community…commune with Christ is what Lutherhaven is all about—for, in, and with our community.

Thanks for your critical role in that!


Your servant in Jesus,

Bob Baker, Executive Director

Find more information at www.lutherhaven.com​