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PLC Uganda Medical Mission in November

Our medical team for the Uganda mission trip is patiently awaiting news as to whether or not we can embark on November 14tas planned. Currently, two things need to happen for our team to be able to go.  First,  is the requirement for the Ugandan border to open and secondly, for the 16-day quarantine to be lifted. We are proceeding as planned with packing (or repacking) of the bags, finalizing accommodations as our NGM host site was not an option this trip, and working with the Ugandan staff in navigating the extra requirements that will be in place should we be allowed to go. This trip will not look the same for many reasons as the Ugandan people have been highly restricted and isolated, many without or limited access to food, resources, school for children, or medical care. Please join us as we continue to pray that our path be opened or closed in accordance with God’s perfect will. Thank you! – Maren Snyders

(Special thanks to Kathy Simmons, from a local church, who made pillowcase dresses in all sizes to be taken on our mission!)