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We are so grateful that Liberty Quartet was able to worship with us on Aug 9. The group related that had only been able to sing at six engagements since January due to the Covid crisis. They said it was just wonderful to be in a church, on a Sunday morning to worship with us. Very meaningful for all. During all the downtime, they kept busy recording in the studio. If you would like to order any of their CDs or DVDs please click here: A total of $715 was given as a love offering for Liberty, and $430 in merchandise sales. We hope to see them again in the not too distant future!

Ecumenical Food Kitchen – Sep 24

Peace will serve for a final time this year at the First Presbyterian food kitchen on Sep 24. Marge Freligh will coordinate this effort and have a donation signup available. At this time, we believe sack lunches will continue to be served. Please refer to the Sunday announcement page for updates as we approach the date. Thank you for your loving support!

Family Promise

We look forward to serving our Family Promise families next month during the week of Oct 4-11. Due to the unique virus situation, Family Promise secured a special grant, and has been renting an apartment/hotel room for guests to live as moving weekly from church to church is not viable right now. Maren Snyders will open MealTrain as we approach the date.

Fellowship Team Update

Due to Covid concerns, Fellowship Team had made the difficult decision to cancel the Ladies’ Tea that was scheduled on Sep 26. We look forward to this event again in the future with the gathering of friends! In the meantime, we’re meeting on Sep 1, at 10 am, and having a greeting card party! The Team will also help with the tailgate party on Sep 13!

Refresh Team: Mary Cockerham, Lee Ely, Suzie English, and JoAnn Solberg

Lee and Heidi Ely were responsible for building the acoustical panel frames, covering them in fabric, adding the insulation behind, and mounting. Truly a professional job at hundreds of cost-saving dollars. Even more for a blessing – an anonymous gift is supporting this improvement! The panels are very tasteful in color, texture, and complement our sanctuary. They also perform as they should and have greatly improved sound quality. Special scripture windows are still being completed, and signage is still being rehung. Shelly Matthews is creating a lovely piece of canvas art depicting our Peace logo and mission statement for over the entry table to soften the echo effect in our narthex. We love the patriotic quilt over the coat rack serving the same purpose. Research continues for rockface behind the cross in the sanctuary and design. Thank you to Karle Nimke for finishing the inside of the closet remodel with texturing. Lee Ely built a heavy-duty shelving system in the closet creating additional storage space to relieve the cramped condition behind the altar – fantastic!

Dorcas Quilting

The gals are back at it this month! If you have ever wanted to try your hand at quilting, this is the place to be!! No problem with distancing as there’s plenty of space to work. If you are not comfortable coming at this time, there is plenty of work that can be done at home and available for pickup! The Dorcas group always appreciates your fabric donations but can only take 100% cotton material. They have plenty of small cut pieces but could use large pieces for quilt backings. If you are donating sheets for quilt backs, they are asking for gently used, freshened/washed beforehand, and blemish free. Over the summer, Eunice Gillam and Cinda Fueller made Stress Dolls. We have just learned, that due to Covid, we are unable to donate them to our usual organizations. If you would like a stress doll for yourself or someone who is struggling, Dorcas has made them available in the hall in a big basket – take one! The group meets the first & third Monday, 9 am – Noon, but due to the holiday, will begin Sep 21. Contact Rebecca Kirkpatrick or Gail Schoonmaker for more information. Thanks always for your support of this incredible ministry!

Playground Plan

To date we have tried to determine our Playground needs and possible location on the property. Shelly and I have met with Peace Church leadership and the P & M Team for input. We believe our Playground should have four swings, two for younger kids and two for older kids. A slide for each age group plus other unique Playground pieces are to be determined. We are now preparing to contact some playground equipment companies for their options and ideas. Nothing has been approved to date as all this is in preparation for a Playground Plan to be presented in the future. Please keep this proposed project in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks, Ken Birge & Shelly Mathews