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Jul Gifts: Thanks a gazillion for all the incredible VBS decorations, and all those that contributed to our VBS program! Karle Nimke has been busy continuing work in the remodeled closet mudding, sanding, and resurfacing. Thanks to Tanya Frey for the new pictures and Janelle Baker for her pretty labeling! Lee Ely added red bark around our small bushes – the magpies won’t leave it alone! Gordon & Rick knocked the weeds down with a second spray.

Join us in the sanctuary or the fellowship hall for worship as you are comfortable. We’re broadcasting to our parking lot (front row) on 88.5 FM, and also providing a video of the service uploaded by Sunday afternoon online at:


Try as we may, there just weren’t any bidders for the Jon Boat auction! Hmm…so with Nimke’s permission, we are going to list online in the PF/CDA classifieds. Last chance: If you are interested in the boat and would like to make an offer, see Lynn!

We can’t say thank you enough to our faithful food bank servant, Ardella Quaale. Not only did Ardella volunteer at the PF Food Bank for many years, she diligently delivered our PLC donations there every other month and even delivered 59.5 in July. Joyce Beghtel will continue to deliver food bank donations to CDA. She took 30 lbs in July.

The virus situation seems to be lessening our volunteer base in two vital areas – Altar Guild and Counters. Amy Birge has been pulling double/triple duty in both and needs your help! If you can fill in for communion setup, or volunteer to become a counter (easy to learn and doesn’t take long after worship) please let her know!

Fellowship in Aug is on pause. The schedule was made in advance by our coordinator for the whole year. If you are unable to serve on your upcoming assigned Sunday, please let Becky Ellefloot know as soon as possible!

In the past, an appeal has been put forward for projection volunteers. We really need more than just two people and it’s time to give our faithful two a break! If this is something you would like to learn and are interested, please speak with Lee, Gail or Pastor Jon. They can get you onboard. Both Lee & Gail will be gone the same Sunday in August – help!

Your half-year giving statement is located in a basket on the entry table. Please pick yours up today!

Kitchen pantry donations of coffee (Yuban?) would be awesome! When you donate, the church office can provide a tax-deductible receipt for your much appreciated GIK. Thanks for all your wonderful donations throughout the year!

PLC Calendar

We’re hosting the Ministerial Association (local pastors) each Tue in August from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Aug 8: Our Security Team is having range practice at 1 pm – thanks to Chiappes for hosting!

Aug 9: Liberty Quartet is at Peace for morning worship, 10 am; limited sanctuary attendance with fellowship overflow

Aug 14: Thank you party at Matthews for VBS volunteers. Call Shelly for info!

Aug 15: CPR Training session for all with 20 spaces available, from 1-3 pm. RSVP Pastor Jon today!

Sep 13: Save the date for this Rally Day extravaganza with Tailgate, 10th Anniversary party and more!