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Apr Gifts: We give thanks for Pastor Jon and his video gifts of worship on mountaintops and often daily inspiration! We have the best P&M Team anywhere coming over for Spring Cleanup Day!! Thank you to Janelle & Aubrey Baker for singing contemporary songs each Sunday, and choir members singing hymns! Georgiann Davis planted beautiful spring flowers in our big blue pot and installed a new fixture which she will fill with surprises soon!

Thanks to our P&M crew and volunteers who spruced up our grounds during our annual Spring Cleanup day on Apr 18. Snow fences are down, winter trash disposed of, landscaping tidied up, bark refreshed, AC units uncovered, park stops reset due to plow damage, our equipment tuned up and ready for spring, and a mowing schedule was developed and distributed. Let Gordon Schoonmaker know if you’d like to take a turn. Lee Ely fertilized our lawns and turned our water back on for future irrigation. Backflow testing will be done this week or very soon.

Congratulations and lots of love to Maddie Snyders and Riley Stewart on their upcoming wedding May 2!

May they be blessed with many wondrous years as they journey through life together!!

Thank you to Maren Snyders for organizing our MealTrain website to support our one family sheltering in place at the Post Falls Adventist Church last week. Our Daily Facilitators did an excellent job of communication, and many thanks to all those who provided meals and deliveries under unusual circumstances. Our original May 3 focus on Family Promise has been postponed until a later date. We look forward to fully hosting here in July when things return to normal!

Dear Friends,

First of all, thank you for everything as I don’t know if I would make it without all the support of all my wonderful church family. This has been a horrible experience for us, God has taken care of our great and wonderful Bob, so now I must try and take care of the little details that will help us through this. I just love every one of you, and Thank You and all of our wonderful caring family that I treasure so much. 

Love Charlotte, Kira and Family

Update: A Memorial for Bob Newman is now being planned for Sat, Jun 13, at 10 am, here at Peace.

Need a new devotional? Our quarterly, Portals of Prayer, began in April and many of you were unable to get your copy in March before shutdown. How about if we leave them outside during the day for your drive-by pickup? Look on the bench!

Once we are together again, our kitchen pantry could use tissues & quart size ziplock bags.The church office provides a tax-deductible receipt for your much appreciated GIK. Thanks for all your wonderful donations throughout the year!

Due to the Coronavirus situation, and food banks on limited/appointment hours, there were no donations taken to either Food Bank to report. Any donations have been taken to the food drive. We hope to continue this ministry when able.

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Extra copies of the May newsletter are available and were mailed to those without email.

PLC Contact Directories are also available & are continuously updated.