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Sunday Morning Adult Study is live via ZOOM for the LAST TIME on May 3! After that, we will begin to meet in the fellowship hall again at 9 am. Bring your own coffee and/or snacks as our kitchen is closed during May.

Last Sunday Worship Online May 3: Please go to PLC’s YouTube Channel by clicking on the link below or cut and paste into your browser: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKlNKnU8Rdkx3WrJtTNEfRA/

On May 10, worship resumes in our church building both in the sanctuary and fellowship hall for good spacing. We will also offer FM broadcasting to the parking lot for those that would like to remain in their cars. Audio messages will be posted to our website as usual when worship has concluded.

Wednesday Serendipity Bible Study – 10 AM (Re-entry at your groups’ discretion)

A letter from Pastor Gail

Dear Wed Bible Study Group & All Others,

I have been wondering about trying something different for right now. I am going to give you suggested readings from Exodus and encourage you to put down your thoughts about those scriptures and send them to me. I will then put them all together and get them out to you. It will be a way for us to hear and see these precious words from each other’s perspective.

So, for the weeks ahead, I would like you to reread Exodus chapter 15, a good place to begin. Since I know that you will not all be doing this all at the same time, I will encourage you to get your notes to me so that I can share them the following week then give out the next assignment!

I pray for all of you. I pray that you will be looking at what God is doing and find peace. I sat outside I saw a single tulip that had come up alongside our shop building. Not another flower is blooming…just that tulip. And in the quiet, some simple thoughts came to me. The tulip didn’t care if it was the only flower blooming. Its flower head was held up…blessing others (me) with what it was created to do…just to share its beauty and bring joy! So keep on being tulips…share your beauty and joy just as you were created to do! May God bless you abundantly today…one day at a time. – Pastor Gail

Wednesday Middle School 4:32 (Using Zoom!)

5th – 8th Graders continue to gather weekly on Wed from 432p-545p to explore “The Life of Jesus” Pastor Jon is keeping in touch with our youth via Zoom at 3 pm – get ready!

Thursday Day Bible Study – 11 AM (Re-entry at your groups’ discretion) The Thu study, The Letters of Paul, hopes to continue this month with a few more classes to go. You may contact Jim Wardlow at 253-219-4461 or email djwardlow50@gmail.com for more info.