2020 Ministries Update

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2020 Ministries

Our Family Promise hosting schedule for this year is Feb 2-9; Apr 19-26; Jul 12-19; Oct 4-11

Peace will serve at the Ecumenical Food Kitchen, First Presbyterian, CDA on Mar 26, Jun 25, and Sep 24

Big Fun Nights: Jan 29, Feb 26 (our first Big Fun Day!!), Mar 25, Apr 29, and May 27

Pastor Jon will attend LCMC Trustee meetings Feb 4-7, Apr 14-17, Jul 14-17, and Oct 3-7

Nominating Team Update: We thank our 2019 Nominating Team for their hard work and submitting nominees to council at the Dec meeting. We have some great candidates and delegates serving in 2020! All will be voted on at the Annual Meeting.

Budget Team: Budget Team presented the proposed 2020 budget for council review on Dec 10 at their regular meeting. Income is based upon pledges received – thank you! The proposed budget was distributed to your church mailbox so that you may take time to review before the annual meeting on January 26, 2020.

NW District Gathering Team: Ken Birge, Jon Davis, Lee Ely, Marge Freligh, Rebecca Kirkpatrick, Jolene Pooley, Molly Shofner, and JoAnn Solberg are in the planning stages for an excellent Gathering here at Peace May 1-2.

Refresh Team! JoAnn Solberg, Suzie English, Mary Cockerham, and Lee Ely have been working in the background to develop a plan to upgrade our interior, held several meetings and attended council meetings detailing a plan to move forward which they shared at fellowship. Please go to page 8 to see the estimate. We look forward to the refreshing of our facility this winter.

Safety Ministry Team: We are seeking additional folks that would like to becomepart of our three-part Safety Ministry Team – Security, Medical and Emergency. Peace will hold future meetings and training events For more info please speak with Pastor Jon or email him directly at jon@peace-lutheran.com.

Communion Set-up: Please contact Amy Birge if you are interested in serving for an important worship need – setting up our communion trays before worship.

Caring Crew: Our new TAP program (Telephone Assistance Program) is working well as an additional touch for our homebound folks. Thank you to Rebecca Main who suggested this program. Rebecca reports that calling began Oct 7, with thirteen calls made to date (Dec 11, 2019), and all-spoken with have welcomed future calls. During calls, some recent comments include enjoying the Christmas Caroling group and a new bed! Caring Crew has adopted Jeremiah 1:9 as an inspirational verse for PLC-TAP: “Then the Lord reached out his hand and touched my mouth and said to me, “I have put my words in your mouth.” We like it!

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Praise!! More Needs Met!

Pam Kirking has kindly let us know that she would love to be our new Reception Coordinator. Karen Holm had previously stated she would like to co-coordinate, so now we have a match made in heaven! Thanks ladies!

After 10+ years, Cinda Fueller is stepping down as Dorcas Quilting chair at the end of May. Ready to take up the reins of this important outreach ministry is Rebecca Kirkpatrick and Gail Schoonmaker. Cinda will still continue her Dorcas ministry with the rest of the group! Thank you Cinda for the love and work of your hands!