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Sunday Christian Education


You can now listen to the Sunday morning message online. Simply go to PLC’s website ( and click on AUDIO MESSAGES in the menu bar at the top of the screen. We will be keeping 6-7 weeks of the most recent messages.

Wednesday Serendipity Bible Study – 10 AM

We call this a “serendipity bible study” for a reason! The plan was to move into Romans, but we’re listening to the Spirit! We have found, that the end of Genesis is just the beginning of the story so we may keep traveling and move into Exodus for a time, to hear the rest of the story. Join us early at 9:45 am for sharing concerns and prayer time. Bring any version Bible you would like, and let’s dig in! – Pastor Gail

Wednesday Middle School 4:32

5th – 8th Graders are gathering weekly on Wed from 432p-545p to explore “The Life of Jesus”

Topics Include The Teachings of Jesus; The Miracles of Jesus; The Birth & Baptism of Jesus; The Hard Sayings of Jesus; Jesus’ Last Command & Passion; The Resurrection & Great Commission. Together with parents and faith guides, we discover Jesus, not only in the pages of the Bible, but also in the midst of our daily lives.

Be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving each other even as God in Christ has forgiven you. Eph 4:32

Thursday Day Bible Study – 11 AM

Joshua, Judges, and Ruth ~ “Winning, Losing, Loving”

You are welcome to join us each on Thursday at PLC at 11 am to exploring how God continues to impact our lives through scripture. We meet in the Adult Study room in the fellowship hall. If you have any questions please contact Jim Wardlow at 253-219-4461 or email for more info.

Thursday Bible Study – Moving Mountains – 6 PM

This ten-person small group study, led by Pastor Jon, continues through Nov 21. It focuses on John Eldredge’s, Moving Mountains book, about praying with passion, confidence, and authority. Look forward to another similar study next year!