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We have exciting ministry news to share with our PLC Family! In addition to visitation and serving communion, we began implementing a Telephone Assurance Program (TAP) in Oct for those who are unable to worship with us on a regular basis. This, along with providing weekly worship recordings on a flash drive, will hopefully allow our special members and friends the opportunity to stay connected to our PLC Family. Rebecca Main has graciously volunteered to be the focal for the TAP program and has started making calls (see below). If you are or know someone who would benefit from this program, please let the church office know and they can be added to our service list.

Jim Wardlow, PLC Caring Ministry Team

New: Telephone Assurance Program (TAP)

We are embarking on a new component to the Caring Crew Ministry, suggested by Rebecca Main. For our homebound congregants, Peace is adding the Telephone Assurance Program (TAP), simply consisting of phone calls to reach out to our folks with a weekly touch. This is an extremely easy and rewarding way to minister to our elder population that are no longer able to physically attend services here. It’s also perfect for those that can’t go on visits with the Caring Crew – a win-win for all! Please contact Jim Wardlow if you feel “called” to join in this wonderful new ministry opportunity.

A Volunteer’s TAP Feedback:

If you are limited in time available or have other restrictions that keep you from supporting the Peace Caring Crew ministry, this component is perfect for you! You can do this in your home and at a convenient time! Last month I began making TAP calls to our homebound elder congregants and found it very rewarding and easy. For example, it was a blessing to ME when Katherine talked of her Bible readings, and the “ride” she had just experienced when a sled dog pulled her into the center’s dining room! We laughed and visited more about things that keep her feeling connected to PLC. After I had hung up, I felt like I had just called my mother (she has been with Jesus 38 years). – Rebecca Main