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Wednesday Serendipity Bible Study

Why the name Serendipity? First of all…I love the way the word rolls off your tongue! Second and most importantly, I love the meaning behind it…“discovering unexpected surprises.” The dictionary goes on to say that serendipitous surprises are ones that are found by chance. As believers, we know there is no such thing! Being in the Word is like panning for gold and ALWAYS finding precious nuggets! Wonderful spiritual treasures! Nuggets of wisdom from our God!

That is exactly what the Spirit brings to us Wednesday after Wednesday as we search God’s Word together.

We gather at 9:45 am in order to share prayer joys and needs. Bible Study is from 10-11 am. YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE BIBLE TO BE A PART OF THIS STUDY. Come and discover what Jesus wants you to know. We are currently in Genesis and may complete it by the end of August. 

Thanks to Lynn who always has the coffee on for us, and often, homemade treats arrive with the joyful participants. Blessings abound! Laugh, learn and love with us whenever you are able! Any version bible is acceptable. YOU are invited!

Pastor Gail

Sunday Adult Study, Confirmation, Sunday School for all ages & Thu bible study will return next month!