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Family Promise Ministry at Peace

What an incredible outpouring of love and service as we quickly switched gears and jumped at the opportunity to serve two Family Promise hosting weeks back-to-back! It was our privilege to make these three families and their children feel at home and well cared for. A special thank you to our FP coordinators – Jolene Pooley, Maren Snyders, Mary Cockerham, and Paul Matthews, for their continuing efforts with this outreach ministry. We look forward to our next hosting weeks in Sep & Oct!

Praying for Community Churches

Not too long ago we received a call in the church office from another church. They explained that Peace Lutheran was on their list to pray for that week, and asked if we had any specific prayers their group could lift up on our behalf. What a beautiful gift – to pray for another church! You’ll notice that Pastor Jon has been mentioning some local churches during our prayer time at worship, and they are also printed in the bulletin prayer list. Let us know if you have a church in mind that we can pray for as a body of Christ. What a wondrous thing – to uphold other Christian ministries in prayer!

Go Forth Sunday!

A new tradition! Peace will celebrate the different ministries we support every fourth Sunday with a brief summary at worship. We hope this inspires you to Go Forth! in loving support and involvement of all PLC’s great outreach ministries!!

LAM Update

By now you have likely heard that LAM Christian Academy’s lease was not renewed for another year, and the school needed to be moved by the end of July. Many, many thanks to those who helped pack up, clean, pull staples from the wall on July 18-19, and then loaded up trucks to transport everything to a temporary office building location for the school downtown by McEuen Park on July 27. We know our God has an incredible plan for LAM, and even right now, a permanent home is being established in Hayden! God is GOOD!!

Assisted Hearing Devices

An idea has been brought forward by a member to provide enhanced hearing devices to be used during worship services. This will enable those who are hearing impaired to better understand and enjoy our worship together. This member has also generously offered to support half of the $1,200 cost for the new wireless system. Donations made from Chorale CDA for facility use will pay for the other half. Lee Ely is currently researching different systems that we hope to have in place soon!

An Invitation to Caring Crew

Our dear Betty Nomanson is “retiring” from Caring Crew after several years of visiting our homebound – thank you Betty! If you would like to take up the reins of this compassionate and rewarding ministry, give Pastor Jon a call at 208-765-0727 to learn the details.

Aug 18 – Get Your Gospel On!

Join us for a rousing worship on Sunday, August 18, as we raise our voices and play Gospel style songs! Your music team has been practicing, along with surprise musicians, a great medley that will be sure to get your toes tapping. Let Ruth or Bernita know if you would like to be part of the group!