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It has been just 12 months since our team last returned from Uganda, and although it has been quiet on the home front, much has still been happening with our patients on the other side of the world, and we would like to share information regarding both the patients and finances with you!


When we left Uganda in May 2018, we had 60 patients that were either currently in our care or on our LIST of patients that would be taken care of by the Next Generation Ministries nurse, Susan, after we departed. At our last update at the end of March 2019, the current status included:

34 Recovered Patients ranging from appendicitis, severe malaria, tooth abscesses, hernias, sickle cell anemia, bone fractures, skin infections, bone infections and burns. Additionally, we have nine Hydrocephalus babies enrolled in and covered under the CURE Hospital’s Hydrocephalus program, which cares for them for the next 10 years. 

5 Current Patients including one child with cancer, autoimmune hepatitis, pressure wounds in a quadriplegic, compound leg fracture, and a goiter surgery.

21 Pending Patients involving a prolapsed uterus, hernia surgeries, thyroid surgeries, tonsillectomy, difficulty breathing, and chronic ear infections. 

Our LIST of patients is taken care of in the order of urgency but the remaining patients still have life altering and painful conditions that need our help. The majority of these patients are also children who will have a greater life expectancy and quality with intervention. 


Peace Lutheran helped to send our team with almost $40,000 on our last mission. Approximately half of that was used while we were there for hospital fees and medications for our patients. We left the remaining $20,000 in trust with Next Generation Ministries to continue caring for the patients on our LIST. At our last update in March 2019, we were informed the last of the funds was being used with approximately 23 patients still on the LIST. We were fortunate to secure a private donor who wished to see the remaining patients provided for by donating $1000 per month until the last of the patients was cared for. This allowed us to keep our promise to all patients awaiting care while still preparing to raise money for the next mission.  


Because the needs we see in Uganda are so vast and beyond our resources, we usually prioritize our patients to those that have an acute condition that can be treated medically or surgically. We do not have the resources to care for chronic conditions. This last year, we made an exception to that rule due to the critical need of one young boy. When we met Martin, his abdomen was so distended that his shirt could barely fit. His mother had taken him several times to drain the fluid from his abdomen which provided temporary relief. When funds ran out, she could no longer pay for the procedure to drain the fluid. This is when we met him at one of our mobile clinics. We immediately took him to the hospital and after much testing, the doctors concluded that he had severe cirrhosis of the liver due to an autoimmune hepatitis. He is now on a medication regime that keeps the fluid from building up and provides a drastic improvement to Martin’s quality of life. The ongoing care involves monthly blood testing, medications, doctor visit and transportation to the capital city for these services. Up to this point, these expenses have been covered by our medical fund. Because we cannot continue this indefinitely, we would love to offer this opportunity for an individual, or group of individuals, to assume the monthly cost for Martin. His life depends on our support. His mother simply cannot afford the ongoing care and Martin will quickly deteriorate if treatment is discontinued. Your sponsorship is tax-deductible and can be completed either through Peace Lutheran or Next Generation Ministries. Please contact Maren if this is something you feel God is calling you to consider. Recently, Jolene Pooley spearheaded an appeal for little Innocent’s eye surgery (he was a former patient Jolene fitted for eyeglasses) to restore his eyesight. We give God thanks that the surgery was successful and for your generous outpouring of $410 in donations! 

One last thing. We humbly recognize that this foreign medical mission is a BIG commitment from Peace Lutheran. On behalf of the hundreds of Ugandan lives that are impacted, we THANK YOU for your love, prayers, and support for this outreach. 

In His Love, Brian and Maren Snyders