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Wow what a fun, exciting Family Promise hosting week, May 5-12, with three families of five parents and six children (ages 17 months, 2, 7, 10, 12 & 14 yrs. old). Oh, these children were delightful, precious in play and hugs too! There was so much joy with these children interacting, supporting, with caring and sharing among all. The hosts would arrive to be with families in their little home together at PLC. All three families said, “This has been their favorite home,” and two mom’s eyes teared when saying Sunday morning goodbyes. They said we showed them how much we cared about them because we provided them with their favorite, flavored coffee creamer so that they could start off their day with knowing we care who they are! They also said, all hosts were very kind, and other words of praise were shared with me. 

So I thank you Peace, for your financial donations, for donating food and meal necessities, for preparing meals, for volunteering hosts, for praying for the families and volunteers, and for doing “tasks” of service before, during, and after the hosting week. Many, many “jobs” are completed by many volunteers, and we have all together succeeded in hosting three beautiful families as our guests at PLC. I am so grateful for each and every one of you! 

Even more exciting news about this past hosting week, was that there were eight new volunteers who came forward and asked, “How can I help for FP?” Consequently, for three dinner host evenings, we had the privilege to train and mentor five new hosting volunteers! 

Our next hosting week is coming up July 14-21. Try something different this summer and volunteer for Family Promise. It will be a great, fun time hosting on a summer evening! 

Family Blessings,

Jolene Pooley, FP Coordinator