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Sunday Morning Adult Class – 8:30 AM

Steve Hagler has kindly volunteered to lead the class as we continue with our study of Ecclesiastes through March. Thank you Steve!

For all of you who would like an opportunity to lead Sunday Adult Study, now is your chance! Will it be a topical study, a book from the Bible, something current? Let us know in the office if you would like to take us through April (and/or beyond)!

~Our older youth in 7-12th grade meet at the home of Pastor Gail every Sun morning at 8:30 am for study, and relevant discussion. Coffee’s on – come on over, the door is open!

~ Confirmation continues each Wed led by Pastor Gail. Amy Birge is our substitute when needed!

Wednesday Serendipity Bible Study – 10 AM

Come early to share prayer needs and concerns at 9:45 am, and we will promptly begin our in-depth study of Genesis from 10-11 am. Please bring your Bible, and any version is acceptable. If you can’t be with us every Wed, join us when you can. – Pastor Gail

Thursday Bible Study – 11 AM

We’re wrapping up the current study on March 7. Thanks to all for attending! Here’s new info for March 14:

Why Did Jesus Have to Die? A Bible Study on the Meaning of Atonement

This six-week study examines the central event of salvation history – the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ, and exploration from a biblical perspective what is known as the Doctrine of the Atonement. This study looks at the promise of the cross, seeking better to understand what Christ has done for us based on the Scriptures.

Please use the sign-in sheet, contact Jim Wardlow at 253-219-4461, or e-mail so materials may be ordered. Look forward to seeing you as we explore the Scriptures together!

Please look for the latest quarterly devotionals on the table in the fellowship hall.