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Another Christmas has come and gone. So what’s different this time? Are things any different than before? When God enters human history and becomes one of us, it makes a difference! Even though God kept it pretty quiet except for the angel chorus, and limited to only a few people around Bethlehem, Christ’s coming makes a major difference! God is now with us, living among us. Heaven came down to earth and the world can never be the same.

But what does it mean for you and me? On a personal level, what does Emmanuel, God with us, really mean? It means we are not alone and never again will be alone. It means our King is no longer just sitting on a throne in heaven, but is King here on earth to rule our hearts and lives. With God ruling and in control, we don’t have to depend on our own resources. God is in charge, and because He loves us and has our best interests at heart, we can know that our lives will be lived out in his care and according to his plan, which means salvation and eternal life for all who believe in Jesus. That gives us a hope that can come from nowhere else and nothing can destroy.

With another Christmas gone, it also means another New Year is upon us. Time keeps marching forward constantly into the future, but a New Year gives us pause to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going. There are going to be some changes at Peace Lutheran Church. There will be the usual new Council members and all of you finding new ways to serve the Lord, his Church, and our community. But this New Year will also bring a change in pastoral leadership for the first time in this congregation.

When we can see the difference Christmas makes, we can also see the difference God will make with a new pastor. God is with us, so we are not left to work it all out for ourselves. God is in control, so we don’t have to worry about what the future holds. In fact, God is always working for our good. “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) God gives us hope for a new and exciting future for this congregation.

Every now and then God brings us to a threshold moment when He is making a major difference in this world.  Christmas was just such a moment. We can either embrace the moment and move into the future God has planned for us, or we can let the moment pass as so many did on that first Christmas, and every one since. A new pastor affords a congregation a threshold moment to embrace the change and God’s future plan and purpose. I trust you will embrace your new pastor as you have done for me. God has accomplished some significant ministry here at Peace, and God has much more ministry for Peace to do! With the guidance and power of his Holy Spirit, working together with one another and a new pastor, God will accomplish it! Have a blessed New Year!

Pastor Kurt Wandrey