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2019 Family Promise Ministry

Greetings from your PLC Family Promise Team! Since it’s the beginning of a new year, we have time to reflect on our past and also look forward at setting goals for this year. You may have already chosen your goals for the year, or like me, still thinking of how to make this year a little better than last. Either way we would like you to consider sharing your spiritual gifts in one of the ministries here at PLC. We invite you to: Seize the opportunity to care for people/families who are experiencing life struggles.

I was thinking what is in it for me. I will say be careful what you ask for (remember God knows all). I did, and was surprised to discover God’s plan for me was to provide a deeper understanding of what it means to serve those in need. I was surprised how easy and rewarding it was to volunteer. It did not require any special skills or training just a willing heart to share what God had already equipped me to do.

What I was allowed to experience was two families (one a single mom with two young teens, and another mom, dad and four little ones), coping with temporary challenges working to improve their family situations. I witnessed two young boys taking charge when necessary to care for a loving mom. I saw three very energetic children competing for their mother’s attention while she cared for a newborn while dad was working the evening shift. What was asked of me as a host was to show up, provide a meal, and allow them to unwind in a safe and caring environment.

Four times a year there is an announcement that FP week is coming and the need to sign up to help provide meals, hosts, help with set up, cleaning and everything else to provide our special families a safe and welcoming place where they can decompress from the challenges they are facing. Our personalized MealTrain website is perfect for this!

When I signed up to provide and host the meal, I did not realize what God had planned for me. I soon discovered the single mom, and the other mom and dad were trying to provide for their families; often putting their own needs behind to keep their families together. God’s plan for me through Family Promise at PLC, allowed me to experience something I cannot totally explain,  but am truly grateful to be touched how our Lord and Savior cares for HIS sheep.

Family Promise is but one of several exciting ministries supported by our caring congregation, and hope you have a place in your heart to join our team. We encourage you to:


Blessings from Your Family Promise Team!

Jim Wardlow


Our PLC FP Organizing Team has secured these weeks for 2019 hosting:

May 5-12; July 14-21; Sep 15-22; Oct 20-27