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Thursdays with Girl Power Zone

Thank you, Thank you! Two adults have met here at Peace Lutheran with eight different teen girls this spring. All comment on the peace they have felt while in your building.

This semester, we have encouraged the hearts of anxious and depressed teens with God’s word, art, music, videos, crafts, and discussion.

– four were referred for additional specialized care

– a Teen Advocate visited, providing help with harassment

– abusive relationships were identified, along with safety steps

– an unhealthy job situation was terminated, resulting in much relief (the empowered teen called from your church phone!)

– a very shy girl procured her first job

– two quiet girls joined a local choir

– one cried with joy, being able to meet with peers again

They were all encouraged to use their voices, take back their value, moving forward using the gifts and talents God had given them to make the world a better place. We will continue to meet for summer activities off site and resume next fall.

Your church provided the haven of peace necessary to see great steps of growth in their lives.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Mrs Mckahan, Ms. Clark, Mrs. Vogt, GPZ Leaders