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Symphony for the Soul

Greek mythology speaks of the sirens’ song and the dangers of those who sail unaware and ill-prepared through the three islands passage where the sirens dwell.  Enter the Greek heroes: Odysseus and Jason. Odysseus returns from Ithaca and is quite aware of the dangers and devises the solution of stuffing his sailors’ ears with beeswax so they will not hear the song at all. Odysseus, who wants to hear the song, orders that he be lashed to the mast. In spite of Odysseus straining violently against the ropes, they sail safely through the passage — deaf and lashed to the mast.

Then there is Jason, captain of the Argo. He sails in search of the Golden Fleece and is also cognizant of the dangers. No beeswax and no ropes to the mast, Jason instead employs Orpheus — the Greek hero and poet whose music entrances even the animals, trees, and rocks to dance.  Orpheus, aboard the Argo plays such beautiful music that it overcomes the sirens’ song.

These two Greek heroes incarnate two expressions of the church in our day as they navigate the sirens’ songs in this world. The first, like Odysseus attempts to pass through, deaf and lashed to the mast of doctrine and programs. Odysseus churches simply want to make it through this life, unstained, and unaffected by the cacophony of a world who is considered rabble headed toward damnation. The second, like Jason and his Argonauts, dare to trust that the gospel is something far more beautiful and more enchanting than the noise of this world. Rather than beeswaxed and mast-lashed, Jason churches dare to perform the beautiful music of the gospel in full ear shot of the sirens as well as all the other boats on the water. The world is an audience worth having the music performed well. Rather than something to be avoided, they are to be enjoined. The church has something wonderful to contribute for the audience of the world’s consideration.

Jason churches believe this world is not the enemy, but the very world whom God loves. God sends His Son whose music is God’s love on display, given and shed, raised and ascended.

Symphony for the Soul (Pastor Jon’s Doctoral project) involves a one-year journey focused on becoming attuned to the more beautiful music of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Embracing our core values (God’s Word, Love, Call, & People) we will engage in four movements of relational encounters with God through:         

1) Playful worship                                                       3) Communal imagination

2) Curious contemplation                                          4) Missional community

            The goal of Symphony will be personal growth in your own walk with Jesus Christ and the enriching and transforming of lives across the prairie corridor with God’s Word and the Peace of Jesus Christ.  While this pilot project involves the formation of a devoted ensemble of 8-10 people to rehearse and engage in the four movements, the entire congregation will be involved and invigorated. Participants will continually encourage others as we discover how God is moving among us and sending us into the growing community around us.

            If any of this strikes a chord with you, please consider some of the frequently asked questions about this symphony and then contact Pastor Jon to schedule a time to discuss the next steps.