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Strategic Planning Team Summary – January 2022

The plan:

At our Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 31st, 2021, our congregation voted to form a Strategic Planning Team.

The purpose:

The purpose of the Strategic Planning Team was to define our core values, form a mission statement, and discover God’s vision for the congregation in the form of a 10-year plan.

The process:

The Team began with several volunteers at the Annual Meeting stepping forward. Others joined later to form the complete team.

The Team began meeting with Bob Baker, Director of Lutherhaven Ministries. Bob has had years of experience working with other camps and congregations through a strategic planning process.

  • We met regularly with Bob Baker from April – October.


  • The meetings involved a SWOT assessment, listing and discussing our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. We gave our first update to the congregation on Sunday, May 2nd during fellowship time. Our next meeting in May was a discussion and exercise to help us list all the various ways Peace does ministry and mission which helped us identify our core values, those non-negotiable qualities about who we ARE as a congregation. From there we met through the summer and early Fall to refine our Core Values, refine our Mission Statement (what we DO), and develop a Vision Statement (where we are going).


  • We shared our progress regularly with the congregation during fellowship time as well as with newsletter articles.


  • We had our final meeting with the Church Council on Saturday, October 30th at Lutherhaven where we shared the completed plan and passed the baton to the Council for implementation in the coming days, months, and years ahead.

The results:

  • Core Values: God’s Word. God’s Love. God’s Call. God’s People.
  • Mission Statement: Joyfully sharing God’s Word and the Peace of Jesus Christ.
  • Vision: Enriching lives across the Prairie Corridor with God’s Word and the Peace of Jesus Christ.
  • The Strategic Plan is summarized on the attached chart. Some definitions of terms is as follows:
  • The Frame: Left – Values, Right – Mission; Bottom: our winning aspirations, things we have identified that we currently do well and want to build upon; Top – a way to measure progress focused on an overall increase in participation by our members in the community ministries we currently support, as well as in worship, Bible study, leadership, and giving.
  • Foreground Vision (90 Days): These are tasks we want to address in the coming 90 days. From tuning up our website to updating our Master Site Plan. We would like to examine the options for an additional worship service, work on leadership development and take time to update our current ministry teams descriptions to ensure they reflect our values, mission, and vision.
  • Mid-Ground Vision (1 Year): We will focus congregational on sharing the heart of Peace, specifically teaching, preaching, and sharing about our core values: God’s Word, God’s Love, God’s Call, and God’s People.
  • Background Vision (3-5 Years): These are goals that we want to intentionally begin developing and implementing in the coming 3-5 years. They include having a path of discipleship, increase participation with our benevolence partners, have a completed Site and Ministry Plan, and Small Group Ministry Leaders and Groups.
  • Beyond the Horizon (5-10 Years): In all that we do as a congregation in our community we want to be Enriching lives across the Prairie Corridor with God’s Word and the Peace of Jesus Christ.


On the back of the chart are a couple more areas:

  • The Parking Lot: This is an area where we have things that will slide into the 90 Day Foreground vision as current goals are reached (cf. the Ta Da List below). This is a list that will continue to grow and evolve. It currently includes having initial conversations with Summit Christian Academy to see if there are any possibilities for partnering with them in ministry; investigate timelines for sewer and water which will enable us to consider options for the use of our property; staffing needs, a “Peace Out” mission emphasis, Prayer Ministry Team, other partnerships in the community such as with Treaty Rock Elementary school, etc.,


  • Ta Da List: This is where we celebrate goals which we have reached or are reaching such as bringing on an intern (Karen Robison) and beginning a midweek, multi-generational ministry. As we reach a goal, we place it on this list and move something from the parking lot into the Foreground.


We pray this Strategic Plan will continue to be a guiding document as we examine current and create new ministries and missions — Lord willing — over the course of the coming decade.

Our Church council will take on the role of keeping this Strategic Plan in the forefront of our discussions, planning, and preparations. The Vice-President will regularly review the plan with Council. This plan is a living document — allowing for the Holy Spirit to continue to shape and guide this body of Christ as we joyfully share God’s Word and the Peace of Jesus Christ.


Respectfully submitted to the members of PLC,

The Strategic Planning Team

Jim Helgeson, Marge Freligh, Tanya Frey, Karen Robison, Roger Stoffers, Tom Carlson, Colby Kingsbury, Jon Anderson