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Fellowship Team

The Fellowship Team is meeting on Oct 13, at 11 am. Join them as they further develop a new vision and read below about a great new idea going forward for after worship fellowship time. Please contact Mary Cockerham for any details!

SOS is on the way! NEW Oct 3!

The September Fellowship meeting was full of great ideas and discussion! As a result of these ideas a new team will be serving our Sunday cookies and coffee at fellowship time after service. This new SOS (Serving on Sunday) team will rotate through volunteers with those who would like to serve. Cookie/bar donations are still needed from our congregation. Deliver your cookies/bars to the church the last week of the present month for the upcoming month. A cookie jar will also be available for monetary donations. We begin Sunday, October 3. Bring your cookies or bars to the church by Friday, October 1, 3 pm. To become an SOS team volunteer, call or text Mary Cockerham at 509-220-7670. Thank you!