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Starting my third year with this precious congregation, I am struck by the words from Acts 2:47: And the Lord was adding to their number day by day those who were being saved.

In a culture where so much is measured by what a person can accomplish, or what an organization can offer… in a world where value is equated with how busy you can be and how much you can produce, these words are subversive. They come at the end of a list of some pretty amazing statistics: 3000 conversions in a single service. Signs and wonders taking place though the apostles. A continuing devotion to the word, fellowship, sharing meals, and prayer. It could easily have devolved into a prescription for church growth, a formula for marketing the church, a step-by-step-iron-clad method for successful ministry. Instead, the clarion reminder: the Lord was adding to their number. Oh, yeah — the Lord. It is His body, His church. We are His people, empowered and equipped by His Holy Spirit. We may be participating, but always at best, we are joining Him in His work, His fruitful labor transforming hearts and minds of His people. His word, His love, His call, His people.

It is a timely and powerful reminder to us here at Peace as we continue with a strategic planning process. Most recently we have identified and shared with all of you the core values of Peace, which were revealed as we took time to consider our strengths (things we enjoy and do well) and weaknesses (things we wish to improve upon). We believe that Peace values:

 Gods Word.

This is the rock upon which all else stands – God’s Word: Jesus, His gospel proclaimed, and the Bible. We are a people who believe our lives are built upon the inerrant word of God which we are committed to sharing through preaching, teaching, and living out individually and as a congregation.

Gods Love.

We love because He has first loved us. We are the beloved of God and therefore are compelled to love others. We are living God’s love when we worship, pray, serve others, and generously give of our time, talents, and treasures toward the things of God’s kingdom.

Gods Call.

God calls us to follow Him as we go into the day-to-day world in which we live. We are answering God’s call through our involvement in the various outreach ministries such as Family Promise, Open Arms, Ecumenical Food Kitchen, the Food Banks, Lutherhaven, Operation Christmas Child, Uganda Medical Mission (to name a few). We are answering God’s call as we seek to grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus Christ and one another.

 Gods People.

God’s Word, love, and call necessarily involves others: our families, neighbors, friends, coworkers, communities, the world. We are sending one another into the lives of other people sharing God’s love, living God’s love, and answering God’s call.

And far more than simply increasing our attendance or membership rolls, God is intending to save those who do not yet believe. It is the Lord who, day by day, will be adding to our numbers those who are being saved, as we are living out His values — day by day!

 Pastor Jon