A Playground Is Born!

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Playground Installation Team

For three days, our site prep and assembly volunteers labored in love bringing to life a fantastic playground that will provide years of enjoyment! It wouldn’t have been possible without the vision and your generous donations…and in a covid year! Grateful thanks to our workers:

Gordon Schoonmaker    Bobcat operation

Pastor Jon                     installation

Ken Carlson                   mixed all 152 bags concrete

Tom Robison                 site prep and installation

Rick Straub                    site prep and installation

Lee Ely                          playground assembly

Doyle Johnson               truck unloading and concrete work

Dave Pollard                  site prep and concrete mixing

Ken Birge                      site prep and installation

Brett Kirking                  installation

Tom McNabb                playground assembly pro on-site

Bernita Carlson              homemade vegetable soup on Tue,

Wed Huckleberry Buckle, and served lunch for all

BIG BIG Thanks to the Installation Team!