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Strategic Planning Team Update

On Tuesday, May 18, your Strategic Planning Team met for the second time with Bob Baker of Lutherhaven Ministries. Building on the insights gleaned from the team’s first gathering, specifically identifying Peace’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and current threats, the group focused on identifying the church’s core values. Core values are the timeless central beliefs of an organization. These values provide the foundation which supports the church’s vision, shapes the culture, and provides the essential identity of the church. Core values are not what is done, but who we are and answer the question, “What do we believe?” or “What do we value?” Having clearly defined core values, aids in organizational decision making, planning, education and marketing while allowing the church to filter all through the evaluative lens of these values.

Reviewing Peace’s previously determined strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats helped the team identify the church’s core values. The first determined value was a focus on God’s Word.  At Peace, the Truth of God’s Word is preached, which strengthens our connection to Christ, allows us to grow deeper in our understanding and relationship with Him while abiding in His love and loving like Him. The second value identified was God’s Love, which calls us to joyfully grow in through prayer, worship, study and outreach, all of which answer the third value: God’s Call to lovingly serve and glorify Him. Finally, God’s People faithfully gather together to learn, lead and disciple, through study of His Word. It is the team’s prayer that these values accurately reflect Peace’s purpose as together we share the truth, love and call of Jesus to all God’s people, while walking and abiding with our loving Savior.

Please contact any team member for more information or to share your thoughts on these outlined values. Join us at 9:30 am (between services) on Sunday, May 30, as these values are discussed in greater detail. The next Strategic Planning Team meeting will be Tuesday, June 1st.

Respectfully Submitted,

Peace Lutheran Church’s Strategic Planning Team