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Fellowship & Hospitality

Since January, fellowship time after worship has been a self-directed gathering, and it’s been great to see folks begin to brew a pot of coffee, share treats, and visit together. Easter is the perfect kickoff opportunity to return to regular fellowship gatherings after worship. You will not intentionally be scheduled as in the past but may serve on the date of your choice. Please use the provided sheets and select a Sunday that works best for you and your family or friends! Just about everyone in the congregation takes a turn serving one another, making the big pot of coffee, providing grab and go treats, performs cleanup, and gets the trash out – easy! Stop by the special fellowship table located in the entryway!

Worship & Music

With loving regard for our members who have been faithful Lutherans for years, we are planning to have what we are calling a Heritage Church Service on May 30! Our church service has changed through the years to minister to those members who haven’t been “Lutheran for a lifetime.” The more “modern” Lutheran service masterfully blends the traditional – with scripture readings, the prayers and intercessions, and the traditional hymns – with the more contemporary, less formal service and modern worship songs (like our blended service at PLC).

However, there may be those who love the service that we were raised with, steeped in the worshipful tradition with sung liturgy and following along in the LBW hymnal. It is with this in mind that we will offer a Heritage service on May 30 at 8:30 am. There will be no Adult Study that morning to have this service, then our regular blended service will remain at 10 am. You will have the opportunity to choose which service you want to attend that day. For those that have never experienced a liturgical service, please join us! Ruth Clark, Minister of Music