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Call Committee Corner

~Ken Birge provided a CC update after worship on Nov 18 & 25 (please see below)

~ We have moved into the third phase of the Call Process and conducting interviews via Zoom. There is one more candidate to interview on Dec 10.

~The CC is following LCMC guidelines and recommendations for a smooth transition (we have BEEN in transition since June!). Please stay informed by reading the posted minutes of CC meetings on the whiteboard, updates in your Sunday bulletin, and attending Fellowship Forums. Because many have been curious about a potential candidate, Ken Birge reviewed this with us on Nov 25 after worship:

Your Call Committee is following call packet information presented by LCMC for Congregations and Pastoral Candidates. The next steps for the Call Committee include theses important areas:

~The review and analysis of all eight prospective candidates’ resumes and information submitted which we  have just completed.

~Narrowing the list of candidates and holding interviews via Zoom with those we are considering to Call.

~Checking references for remaining candidates without interfering with their present congregations. This part of the process needs to be conducted discreetly. We do not want to jeopardize the relationship between a prospective pastor and their current congregation.

~We will then conduct background checks for remaining candidates. The most thorough background checks will be pursued for the protection of this congregation and our church’s future.

~We are looking for a pastor that fits this church family according to your survey answers. We feel we are responsible to this congregation in fulfilling your interests!!

When we have a final recommendation, it will go to Council where they will review and negotiate salary and contract considerations. At that time, the Council may invite the prospective pastor to come and meet the congregation. Following this, a congregational meeting would be called, and you will vote whether or not to issue a Call. Final approval is yours! We hope this brings some clarity to your questions. 

~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~

GOAL for Call Process Steps

As we move through the various Call Process Steps, things can change dramatically as the Holy Spirit leads us.

DONE! Fellowship Forum; Creation of Call Process & Steps; Congregational & Community Profiles; Pastor Survey, review pastoral job description in Bylaws; compile pastor packets for the LCMC Gathering & beyond

DONE! Advertising; accept resumes; prepare interview questions; request CDs/DVDs; read resumes

NOW: Search narrowed; interviews conducted; begin reference checks

Background check/credit report; recommend final candidate to Council

Possible presentation of candidate by Council; personal visits/meet candidate and family

Time to vote; extend a Letter of Call; set start date; transition time/moving; installation!

~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~         ~

Please keep the Call Committee in your daily prayers!

CC Members: Ken Birge, Chair Pr. Gail Gutterud, Lynn Affeldt, Ruth Clark, Secretary Connie Arthur, Kit Carey, with Alternate, Molly Shofner