The Priviledge of Sharing

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Do you ever think our church costs too much and the church always seems to be asking for more?  Let me share a story from one family.  Several years ago, a little boy was born into our home, and from the time he was born, he cost us money.  We had to buy food and clothes, toys and medicine; even a puppy! Then he started school and he cost us even more to cover books, supplies, and sports. When he started college, he really got expensive with tuition and a girlfriend.  But in his senior year in college, he suddenly became very sick and died; and he has not cost us a single penny since; not a single cent!

As long as the church lives and has any influence in the world, it will cost. As long as our faith is active in love to influence our homes and community and provide guidance, it will cost. There are places in this world where religion costs nothing, but most of us would not want to live there. If Peace Lutheran Church did not cost us anything, we would not be here either. But we are here, and we want to accomplish the ministry our Lord gives us to do. It will cost us all; having counted the cost, we move forward together into the future God has planned for us.

Sunday, October 21, will be a special stewardship emphasis. The morning worship service will include a hilarious skit about church giving, that you will find not only entertaining, but enlightening as well. Scripture lessons and hymns will help focus our attention on our stewardship, which is not only about money, but every other aspect of our lives. The sermon will inform our thoughts and actions as we strive to support the mission of our congregation.  Stewardship Packets will be distributed to each household to give us all an opportunity to make our “2019 Plan for Giving” to help the church make its “Plan for Ministry.”

Christian Stewardship challenges us to Biblically consider how we manage our lives and resources. All that we have, we are merely managing for God, because it all belongs to Him; our time, talents, resources, even our body and life. God has entrusted it all to our care, and we are accountable to God for the ways we use it all.

Then, on Sunday, November 4, our Commitment Sunday, we will return our “2019 Plan for Giving” by placing it on the altar for God’s special blessing.  Your participation, not only with financial support, but also involvement in the ministry and mission of our congregation, will be more important than ever in the year ahead with the coming of new pastoral leadership for Peace Lutheran.

Since we became a congregation in 2010, God has continually blessed us, enabling us all to be generous in our giving.  Many challenges through the years have been met so that we have been able to build up the Kingdom of God in this place. As your pastor, I appreciate all that you have given and all that you have done for the Lord and his church. Together, with the Holy Spirit leading us, we will continue to faithfully serve our Lord Jesus Christ by serving those in need with the gifts God has given us!

Pastor Kurt Wandrey