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Call Committee Corner

~The Call Committee (CC) has been meeting weekly since its inception, and recently held a working lunch to compile the information in the Pastor Survey. Our utmost thanks to all for returning the survey expressing your opinion! The survey results will be included in Call Packets with the Congregational & Community Profiles. Sincere thanks to the Ellefloots for printing specialty envelopes for packet use – very classy!

~Fellowship Forums continue with a free exchange of ideas and thoughts. Keep up the good work!! Our next Forums will be held after worship on Oct 7 & 14. Our delegates will have an opportunity to share impressions during the “Pastor Meet & Greet” from the LCMC Gathering they attended. Don’t miss it!

~The Call Committee has discovered, through viewing an LCMC video link about the Call Process, improved methods for going forward. We followed up with LCMC’s Pastor Perry Fruhling, Pastoral Ministry, via Zoom (Skype) with a Q&A session and our clear understanding of the video.

~Again, the Call Process is a lengthy and orderly one for good reason; therefore, we would ask your patience as we complete all steps in progression. The CC is in daily prayer, and being led by the Holy Spirit. We are certain God is already preparing our next Shepherd. Always approach any one of us with questions! 

Please keep the Call Committee in your daily prayers!

CC Members: Ken Birge, Chair Pr. Gail Gutterud, Lynn Affeldt, Ruth Clark, Secretary Connie Arthur, Kit Carey, with Alternate Molly Shofner

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The GOAL for Call Process Steps

As we move through the various Call Process Steps, things can change dramatically as the Holy Spirit leads us. Much has already been accomplished!

  1. DONE! Fellowship Forum; Creation of Call Process & Timeline; Congregational & Community Profiles; Pastor Survey, review pastoral job description in Bylaws; compile pastor packets for the LCMC Gathering & beyond
  1. Advertising; accept resumes; prepare interview questions; request CDs/DVDs; read resumes
  1. Narrow search; begin phone interviews; narrow again; reference checks
  1. Presentation of candidate; personal visits/meet candidate and family
  1. Background check/credit report; recommend candidate; intro to congregation
  1. Time to vote; extend the Letter of Call; set start date; transition time; installation!

Many have asked… Yes, we are planning a celebration of our pastor who has served us so well and for so many years in ministry. You didn’t think we would let him escape without a little fun did you? So, look forward to some festivity in February. Shhh, don’t tell him, it’s a surprise! 😉

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LCMC Gathering

Our delegates are off to the Seminarian Retreat before the Gathering and will then be attending the 18th Annual Gathering in Des Moines Oct 7-10, entitled Growing Up. This four-day event features keynote speakers, worship and Bible study, breakout sessions, vendors and plenty of opportunities for fellowship and networking. Please keep our delegates, Pastor Gail Gutterud, and Seminarian Student, Steve Hagler in your prayers, along with Ruth Clark, who is attending on her own as our Call Committee representative. They will be wearing special shirts made to get the attention of pastors who may be looking for a Call!