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New Member Sunday!

A group of new members will be received into our congregation on Sunday, September 16, at morning worship. If you would like to be included in our ministry and fellowship, please contact Pastor Wandrey. Photos will be taken of new members that Sun, and if you need an update, now’s the time!

PLC Outreach Mission

We’re are gearing up for two of our wonderful outreach ministries in September – Family Promise Week, Sep 16-23, and the Ecumenical Food Kitchen at First Presbyterian, CDA, on Sep 27.   

Family Promise Hosting

It’s Double Duty time this fall for Peace Lutheran’s commitment to Family Promise! We will be hosting 2 separate weeks with just a 2 week break in between so we are hoping to expand our core of volunteers for this important ministry. If you are unfamiliar with this ministry, allow me to share some highlights:

  1. Family Promise Ministries screens applicant families who are without a home, so when they arrive at our door, we can be assured that the potential for problems are minimized.
  2. Families can be in the program for up to 90 days during which time most of them successfully save enough money and improve their circumstances to transition back into a permanent home.
  3. Families spend 1 week at each church home and move each Sunday to a new church.
  4. Our responsibilities include providing food supplies for them to make their own breakfast and sack lunches, provide a hot dinner when they return to the church each evening, and provide a private bedroom and shower facilities each evening from 5:30 pm – 7 am the next morning.
  5. Families attend their jobs, school, or the Family Promise Daycenter during the day.
  6. Volunteer opportunities include monetary donations, making part of the evening meal, or being present for a 2-hour period to be the dinner or evening host. And for the most ambitious…volunteer to be the Overnight Host! First time volunteering? An experienced PLC volunteer will be with you!
  7. Sign up to help in any capacity by logging on to and register an account.
  8. The dates for the next two Host Weeks are Sep 16-23 and Oct 7-14. You can sign up for both weeks with one visit to the website.

THANK YOU for taking a moment to review and consider participating with us! This is a ministry that we strongly feel serves our community’s most needy and vulnerable. What a great way to mimic how Jesus compassionately served the downcast during his days on our Earth! Thank you!

The Family Promise Ministry Team

Ecumenical Food Kitchen

Once again, on Thursday, September 27, the EFK Ministry Team will be serving at First Presbyterian Church in Coeur d’Alene. Our Church Family will have an opportunity to donate food or provide financial support. The Ministry Team will have a signup sheet in the fellowship hall. We serve three times a year unless we are asked to help provide a Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner. Team Coordinator Marge Freligh