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What is really important in your life? What matters most to you? After you’re gone from this world, what is it you want people to remember about you? What do you want people to say at your funeral? When three different people were asked that question, the first said, “I’d like people to say that I was a good person who did a lot of good things.” The second responded, “I want people to say that I was a really good wife and mother.” The third said, “I want them to stand at my coffin and say, ‘Look, he’s moving!’”

For several of the funerals I’ve conducted through the years, the best thing the family could tell me about a loved one was that he liked to fish and hunt, or she loved her garden. While fishing, hunting and gardening are great past times, isn’t a person’s life more important than that? As important as it is to be a good person, a good spouse or parent, is that enough for it to stand out above everything else?

If I were to answer the question above regarding my own funeral, I would want people to say, “He had the best Lord and Savior there could be!” Or, “He was baptized and believed in Jesus Christ. God loved him so much, God gave him eternal life.” That’s what matters! That’s what’s important! Without that, nothing else would make any difference. Only by the grace of God can anything worthwhile be said on my behalf.

Maybe to help us live out what really matters for life, we should all have our own personal mission statement to remind ourselves daily that we are baptized; that we belong to Christ and not to the world. Maybe we should ask ourselves when we get out of bed in the morning, “Are the things I have planned for today important? Would the things I do please God? Do they in some way have to do with the life we have been given through Jesus Christ?”

That can only happen by the Grace of God. We are sinful, selfish, stubborn people who insist on doing what we want instead of what God wants. It has been rightly stated that the word “I” is in the middle of “sin”! Our life is not about “I”, it’s about the life we have in Jesus Christ. It’s about the Holy Spirit giving us that life. It’s about the Father drawing us, or maybe more accurately dragging us to Jesus.

With our Fall schedule at Peace beginning soon, we have the opportunity to get back into a routine of more regular worship attendance, Bible Study, and whatever it takes to support our life in Christ; so when the time comes for people to say something after we’re gone, they will know what and who has been important to us. Better still, they don’t have to wait! They will see it and know it now!

Pastor Kurt Wandrey