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Spiritual Gifts Adult Class

Beginning Sunday, September 16 ~ 8:30 AM

Over the last few years, I have taught many Sunday School adult classes at Peace. God called me to do this, even though teaching adults was new to me. I knew I had the gift of teaching, one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Recently, God let me know that I hadn’t been using my gift in His church and I needed to get on it! It was amazing how much God blessed me in those classes by bringing together a group of people who, like me, wanted to strengthen our relationship with Christ. We had wonderful, rich discussions every Sunday.

This past year, I let my job overtake my life and I put Sunday School on the back burner. Sleep is important too, right? There was a definite emptiness in my week when I didn’t attend. Once again, God tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me I haven’t used my gift in a while. I was using sleeping in as an idol to keep me from being in His word in a study with others. He let me know how very important it is that each of us is using our God given gifts of His Holy Spirit. Right away, I knew what the topic needed to be: Spiritual Gifts.

How many of us know the gifts we have? How many of us are using them? Now, with this congregation embarking on a new journey seeking new spiritual leadership, it is so very important that not only everyone knows his or her gifts, but also that they are being used to build up Christ’s church.

Beginning Sep 16 at 8:30 a.m., I will lead an 8-week class entitled “Everybody Has a Part: Getting a Grip on Spiritual Gifts”.  Everyone in the class will take an online survey to help you determine your gifts, and then we will begin a study on how each of us can use those gifts to help fulfill God’s calling for us here at Peace. Please bring a tablet or laptop to the first class if you have one. If you want to be amazed by what God can do, then please commit to joining this class. The church depends on each of us using what we have been gifted by God. And what are you doing that is more important? I look forward to a fun and inspiring class! 

Diann Wandrey

Christian Education this Fall… 

Bible Studies

NEW Serendipity Bible Study: Wednesday – 10 AM

In the beginning… YES! – That is where we are going on Sep 5 – GENESIS!! If you have never studied and gone in depth with the first book of the Bible, now is your opportunity. You will not believe the discoveries we make as we journey through this incredible book. Each Wed, we gather at 9:45 to share our prayer needs. The Bible study is from 10-11 am. Please bring your Bible, and any version is acceptable. If you can’t be with us every Wed, please join us when you can. – Pastor Gail 

NEW Thursday Bible Study – 11 AM

We’re going to begin a great new study on Sep 6! The topic is The Means of Grace. A sign-in sheet was out in early August for those that want to participate. If you missed it, please contact Jim Wardlow at 253-219-4461 or e-mail ASAP so extra materials may be ordered.


Confirmation will begin after Rally Day on Wed, Sep 12, at 6 pm, at the home of Pastor Gail. Great curriculum from SOLA on the Old & New Testament will be used, with an emphasis on Lutheranism. Amy Birge has kindly offered to sub for Pastor Gail if there is ever a need!