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Last month you were introduced to SATURATE NORTH IDAHO. Peace Lutheran is going to participate with dozens of other churches from all denominations to put Jesus in every household in the five northern counties of the state by means of a movie and brochure in a door-hanging packet. We have not yet received our designated area for distribution, but expect it will be a section of the east side of Post Falls. Our part of the project will be a few thousand out of the ninety-five thousand packets! If all our able-bodied members will help, it should be a relatively quick and easy mission.

The first thing for every single one of us to do, is to pray that God will use our efforts to make Jesus known among our neighbors and bring our community into relationship with Christ. Then we will need people to assemble the packets. This task will consist of putting the movie disk, “The Life of Jesus”, along with a general invitational tract to get to know God, and one of our congregational brochures with information about Peace, all together in the door-hanging packet. All of the materials will be provided at no financial cost to the congregation. We only need to provide the people power to get the job done. After we receive the materials we need for the packets, a date will be set for assembly. There will be a group gathering for this, but if you cannot attend at that time, you may take some materials and put the packets together on your own. This part of the project allows an opportunity for those who are less able to go from house to house, to still contribute their help toward this mission.

After the packets have been assembled and are ready for distribution, everyone who will be going house to house will be given a map with the location of houses clearly marked so there will be no confusion or overlapping. Some neighborhoods will have houses close together so they may be done by walking house to house.  In some sections, the houses will be farther apart and will need to be done by driving between houses.  Again, we will set a specific date for a group of people to work together. If you are unable to join the group that day, you may still take a map with a marked neighborhood and distribute the packets at your convenience.  Our hope is to have this all completed by early September.

There are signup sheets in the Fellowship Hall to indicate your enthusiasm to participate! Please signup even though the actual dates have not yet been set, because some of the tasks can be done on your own time if the assigned dates don’t work for you. Signups will give us a good idea of how many people we will have to take care of the number of homes assigned to us. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me, and I will have an answer for you.

This is a great way to spread God’s Word for those who need it!  Not only are we giving people who may not know Jesus an interesting introduction to him, but we are also giving them an invitation to Peace Lutheran Church. If we will do our part, God will surely do his part! Let’s all give a little time and energy, then watch how awesome God is!

Pastor Kurt Wandrey