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Saturate North Idaho

Peace Lutheran is joining dozens of churches in the five North Idaho counties to get the name of JESUS into every home! “Christ for All Peoples” is an organization that is providing 95,000 door hanger packets that include a DVD with three movies that accurately depict the life of Jesus as revealed in Holy Scripture, an invitational tract to “Get to Know God” personally, and a printed brochure about our congregation inviting people to worship and other activities in which they may want to consider participating.

This is all at no cost to the churches, thanks to a very generous benefactor whose goal is to reach every single household in the United States, and even other countries in the world. All we will need to contribute is a little time and energy! We will need to assemble the door hanger packets, perhaps as many as 5,000. Then we will need to distribute them in neighborhoods yet to be assigned, but not too distant from our church. Those who are unable to walk, or in some cases drive, door to door, can do the assembling, and the rest of the congregation can do the delivery, so that everyone can be included in this incredible outreach project. We are hopeful that this can all be accomplished in the near future, before Fall activities begin.

Please keep your eyes and ears open for more information, dates, times and details that will be forthcoming so that this will be a great success story for our Lord Jesus Christ and his Church!

Your Mission & Vision Ministry Team

Info: https://christforallpeoples.org/saturate-usa/