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I am PEACE LUTHERAN CHURCH!  I am your church home. I am delighted that you are here. You belong here!  You are my family. I am filled with joy when my sanctuary is filled for worship, and my fellowship hall is buzzing with conversation and laughter along with the aroma of hot coffee and home baked cookies. I love to see the smiling faces of children as they are about their antics, and the more serious looks on the faces of those who are older sharing their concerns with each other. The young bring enthusiasm and vitality, while the older folks come with their wisdom and guidance. All the people in my congregation are wonderful blessings from God.

I thrive and prosper when everybody gives their time and attention to me, and does their part using the gifts God has given them for the variety of ministries available here. When someone steps up to take on a task that needs to be done, I am so thankful. When someone shares a new idea to enhance our worship or daily operation, or shows passion for a particular ministry, I am so pleased. When one of you gets special recognition in the newspaper or community, I burst with pride!

Along with all the positive and upbeat activities and involvement come occasional, yet inevitable disappointments. I understand other things sometimes come up and get in the way of church attendance. But I am hurt when other things too often become a priority and the congregation suffers by people missing opportunities to grow in faith and serve those in need. It’s great when someone is willing to step forward and fill in for a no show; but the no show seems not to care. I like it when someone cleans up a mess or strives to keep my facilities attractive. But what causes a person to leave a mess for somebody else, or to not be concerned about my appearance? God gave us his very best when He gave us his Son, Jesus. Doesn’t it make sense we would want to give God our very best in return?

With summer’s arrival, people tend to relax more and break from their routine. Summer is one of God’s good gifts, and especially in this part of the country, affords us with a variety of options for recreation and renewal. I only hope it does not become a season of neglect for this church. I need every single one of you to stay healthy and keep growing in God’s grace. I pray that you continue your responsibility and commitment here along with summer fun and vacations.

I am Peace Lutheran Church, your church home and family. I love you all and treasure the moments we share together. I hope that my spirit continues to soar and attracts others for years to come. I need your care and participation for that to happen. Please use common courtesy and good sense when you are here. Take care of one another as well as you take care of me. We have a life together that has been richly blessed by our good and gracious God. Let’s do everything we can to strengthen our relationship and build up God’s Kingdom so we have a long and healthy future! Thank you for all you do here and for your attention to these matters, and thank God for you all!

Peace Lutheran Church