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Our Delegates in Action!

The Village at Orchard Ridge

On April 5, Ken and I had the opportunity to attend the annual membership meeting of the Village at Orchard Ridge (formerly CDA Homes) with Pastor Wandrey. We were very glad we went. Ken and I learned a lot about Orchard Ridge, what they do and whom they serve, and about their plans for growth in the future. Orchard Ridge consists of two care centers at this time.

The Grove, which is 154 HUD-subsidized one bedroom apartments, are for independent living. The Gardens consist of 69 rooms for residents who need assisted living and memory care.  Orchard Ridge is supported by 22 area churches (Peace Lutheran is one!), grant monies, memorial gifts, business sponsors and several annual fundraisers. There were also over 2,000 hours of volunteer time in 2017. Orchard Ridge has many volunteer opportunities for many giving hands. They also hold PEACE Workshops, and PLC held one last year,  which stands for Professionals Easing Aging Concerns thru Education. I attended the workshop and it was very informative and offered resources on what our aging families need to know, and what we need to know to help them. Call Orchard Ridge at 208-664-8119, to find out when their next FREE workshop will be held.

The best news was that they are planning to expand their services to our community!! In anticipation of a continued and consistent demand for elder housing and the aging of the large baby boomer population, a new building is planned. The new building will be offering studio, and 1 or 2-bedroom apartments where residents can live independently, but have assisted living services provided when necessary, allowing people to AGE-IN-PLACE. This is a very important option.  There is a lot to know about how Orchard Ridge serves many, many people. Lynn has a resource notebook called “The Toolbox” in the church office that holds information about Orchard Ridge and many services available in our communities. Please stop by and look. Did you know that Orchard Ridge is 97 years old? WOW!! God has been at work there a very long time!

Ken & Rita Birge, Delegates  

NW District Gathering

I had a wonderful time at the 2018 LCMC Northwest District Gathering in Lebanon, Oregon, along with Jolene Pooley. The conference was held at Christ Community Church. Interestingly, the church building used to be a furniture store and a feed store and was recently renovated. The pastor, Fred Westerhold, made everyone welcome. We had representatives from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and Canada. Our offerings were given to a local organization called Pregnancy Alternative Center, which recently became a member of Obria Medical Clinics. They endeavor to save the lives of mothers and babies by providing medical aid and information to women who are considering an abortion.

We had several speakers that discussed the Pregnancy Alternative Center, forgiveness, and ways to revitalize our churches. Pastor Fred also spoke about a local organization called Hand in Hand Farms, that teaches troubled youth about horsemanship, amongst many other things (Hand in Hand Farms does a lot more than that though).

I greatly enjoyed the fellowship at the conference, met many very nice people including the pastor from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in St. Maries, Greg Worch, and the pastor from Christ Lutheran Church in Odessa, Dirk Jensen and his wife Karen. I felt welcome by everyone I met! 

We had worship on both Friday night and Saturday morning, and both had fabulous music. During the open mic hour, I spoke about the Instagram page I started for Peace, and several people showed interest. Thank you for allowing me to represent Peace Lutheran Church at the LCMC Northwest District Gathering!

Molly Shofner, NW District Delegate