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Apr Gifts: Gordon Schoonmaker seemed to be in heaven as he was out in the Man Cave performing spring maintenance to all the lawn equipment. The revving of several engines could be heard inside the church office! We also thank Gordon for smoothing out the gravel areas before Easter. Thanks to Rick Straub, we should be weed free as he happily made his way around the property spraying and fighting the prairie weed battle! Rick also performed the first mow of the year. Thanks to Lee Ely who put up guide barriers to prevent driving up on our developed lawn areas. Huge thanks in advance to all who donated, volunteered & worked on the Rummage Sale! Rick Straub was seen mowing, fertilizing then playing with sprinklers and getting baptized!

May 3 is the National Day of Prayer. You may attend events at McEuen Park in CDA or at City Hall in Post Falls, both at noon. Come and be uplifted at this special prayer time in our communities.

 Spring Cleanup Day is May 19, from 9 am – 1 pm. Come over to chase away the cobwebs, shake out curtains, condition pews, paint, work outside or do whatever your heart desires! P&M Team is sponsoring this event and there will be goodies and coffee for motivation!

It finally happened! On May 20, BOTH our projectionists will be gone. We’ll have to go back in time and actually print the entire service bulletin – what a waste of paper! This tells us, now more than ever, we need one or two more folks to learn our projection system (it’s easy!). So please, speak with Lee Ely or Gail Schoonmaker for more information. They would love to train you!

Save the Date: June 3 will be a very special Sunday during worship as we have booked Liberty Quartet to be with us. The group has been with us several times and we are delighted to have them back. Peace has already provided hotel accommodations for one night. Who would like to provide Sunday lunch for the group or should we have a special potluck here? Let us know in the Church office!

The Dorcas Quilting Group invites you to join them every first & third Monday from 9 am – 1 pm. The ladies treated Bob Small, former Director of RSVP, to lunch at Tilly’s and presented him with a quilt crafted with love for all his efforts. He will be sorely missed. Even though RSVP is now defunct, the ladies intend to continue to track their hours for our annual report. Please contact Cinda Fueller, 773-3025, about how you can assist with this ministry, even at home, and through the summer!

Thank you to the Fellowship Team for kitchen clean-out just in time to move along items we no longer need/use for the Rummage Sale. Every bit for the Uganda Mission is helpful!

The CDA Food Bank was the recipient of 136+ bs of PLC food donations in April delivered by Joyce Beghtel. When supporting our food banks with a monetary gift, please write your check directly to the food bank of your choice and not to Peace Lutheran. Thank you!

Thanks to all for wonderful donations throughout the year! Items that are always in need include c-fold towels for the bathroom dispensers, napkins, TP, paper towels, small paper plates, 8 oz hot paper cups (no Styrofoam please), bleach, trashcan liners (13 gal), and vinegar (items in bold are in greatest need). Tax receipts available in the office for your gifts.

The church office will be closed for the Memorial Day holiday on May 28.