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Announcements, Announcements, Announcements!

On Sunday morning, we are welcomed to worship. Worship is the reason we have come. Worship is our purpose and desire. Just before the service begins, we are invited to prepare our hearts for worship. Then, instead of worship, we are often overwhelmed with a barrage of verbal announcements and commercials, sometimes barely related to church activities. Some of these announcements are directed to specific individuals or small groups, rather than the congregation at large. Regardless of how well the announcements may be presented, they are often forgotten by the time they are to take effect. And guess what?! These same announcements are printed in the bulletin you have in your hand, and they are displayed on the screen for your viewing!

Therefore, Church Council has decreed that Peace Lutheran Church will devote its worship time to actually worshipping! Verbal announcements will be encouraged in the Fellowship Hall during our fellowship time.  What an ingenious idea! This means that if there is an opportunity to sign up for something, the invitation can be offered when people can actually sign up right then and there! If there is a meeting of any small group shortly following worship, people can be reminded at a time when they can attend the meeting. If one of our youth is doing a school fund raiser, people can hear about it at a time when they can show their support, rather than merely having their worship interrupted, only to forget about the fund raiser after worship. Does all this make sense, or what? We expect this to be a much more effective means of sharing information, and a much better use of our worship time.

There will be one exception to the usual procedure. When there is a special church event for which participants are needed, such as the church Rummage Sale or Christmas Bazaar, these announcements may be made at the end of the worship service just prior to dismissal, so that those who do not stay for conversation and refreshments in the Fellowship Hall, may still hear the verbal plea, in addition to reading the information.

Pastor Wandrey 


Congratulations to Bethany Frey on an incredible gymnastics season and at State. She took 1st on beam, 2nd on vault, bars, and All Around, and 3rd on floor. In addition, a new high All Around score of 37.9. Bethany and her teammates at Technique also brought home the 1st place team award.

Spring Cleanup Day – It’s coming in April! P&M Team will announce the date soon!

We have a wonderful baptism coming up April 29 – Baby Konrad Schneidmiller!

Brief videos of the Uganda Mission will be shown before worship in April and May. The commissioning of our mission team will be during worship on May 6! Let’s all send them with bountiful blessings!

May 3 – National Day of Prayer, noon events at McEuen Park in Coeur D’Alene & Post Falls City Hall

May 15 – Chorale CDA will perform a special concert for Peace Lutheran at 7 pm. Don’t miss it!